practical christmas gift ideas

If you’ve been after unique gifts for someone who has everything but still to no avail - then it’s time to change tactics. Practical gift ideas for Christmas are the best kinds of presents for fussy folks. Whilst they may not seem like an exciting idea at first glance, Christmas gift ideas that are practical are far more likely to be received well - especially if they’ve been missing a particular item in their life. 

But we get it - a standard mug may not seem so inspiring. What if we had some tricks up our sleeve to help make the gift of a mug far more… Unique!? Today, we’ve got 14 practical gift ideas for Christmas that’ll not only inspire but can be personalised to your liking. Make anything on our practical gifts list a heartfelt gift or one that’ll have them cracking up for days on end. Plus - if you’re gifting on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

1. Personalised mugs

selection of personalised photo mugsselection of personalised photo mugs

Have they broken a mug recently? Gift them a personalised mug with a funny word, quote or photo! Maybe something about them being clumsy ought to crack a smile (see what we did there?)

Personalised mugs make for a fantastic practical Christmas gift idea - especially as a nation of tea drinkers! Plus, with the colder months ahead, they’ll be super appreciative and especially look forward to their steaming hot beverage in their gorgeous new mug.

2. Personalised calendars

personalised photo calendarspersonalised photo calendars

Kick off their new year with a personalised calendar filled with all the fun memories from the year before! Alternatively, fill it with cute pets, funny photos, inspiring quotes and the like. Our high-quality personalised calendars come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can select one that’ll fit their decor and wall space with ease. There’s nothing like a practical yet thoughtful gift that brings a touch of warmth and organisation to any home or office space!

3. Personalised diaries

personalised photo collage diarypersonalised photo collage diary

If your giftee loves to journal, gift them a beautiful personalised diary so they can document their thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations. With tons of styles to choose from, you can make it extra personal with their name on the front, or include a photo you know they’ll love.

It’ll make them look forward to using the notebook time and time again! Plus, a diary as a practical Christmas gift idea not only promotes mindfulness and introspection, but it serves as a reminder of your care and thoughtfulness with every diary entry they make.

4. Personalised keyrings

personalised photo keyringspersonalised photo keyrings

If your recipient is forever losing their keys - they’re less likely to with one of our personalised keyrings. Plus, with a heartfelt message or meaningful photo, it’ll add a touch of sentimental value to your practical Christmas gift.

5. Personalised notebooks

notebook personalised with a namenotebook personalised with a name

If they’re a creative, have tons of ideas or simply take notes everywhere - gift them a personalised notebook that can replace all of their lost scraps of paper with ease. Notebooks that are personalised make for both beautiful and practical Christmas gift ideas. It’ll help them sketch new ideas, make to-do lists, jot something down on the fly and much more. Choose from a variety of full-bound hardback notebooks to personalise with their name, a photo or both!

6. Personalised aprons

personalised photo apronpersonalised photo apron

If you have a chef and baker in your life - then a practical Christmas gift idea that simply can’t go amiss is their very own personalised photo apron. Customise it with a punny cooking quote alongside their favourite photo, or simply their name if you think they’d want it low key. They’ll look forward to their cooking creations that much more when they come to wearing their very own personalised apron in the kitchen with this fantastic gift.

7. Personalised tote bags

personalised photo tote bagpersonalised photo tote bag

Tote bags look great with any outfit. Make their shopping trips and everyday errands more stylish a personalised photo tote bag. Plus, our range of personalised tote bags are all made from eco-friendly materials, which makes them a fantastic gift for the eco-conscious. Add a personal touch with a special message or funny print that’ll make them think of you everytime they carry it around with them. 

8. Personalised magnets

personalised photo magnetpersonalised photo magnet

Capture cherished memories and moments on the refrigerator or any magnetic surface with personalised magnets. From family photographs to fun holiday snaps - our personalised photo magnets can help serve as tiny reminders of precious moments and relationships. Make your loved ones smile every time they reach for a snack or leave a note. It’s both practical as a Christmas gift and heart-warming too!

9. Personalised coasters

personalised photo coasterspersonalised photo coasters

If their current coasters are looking a little worse for wear, gift them a set of personalised photo coasters this year. Not only are they practical for protecting surfaces, but they can serve as a sentimental reminder of you! Fill your photo coasters with family photos, that fun holiday you all went on, inspiring or funny quotes and more. It’s a practical way to liven up their living space too.

10. Personalised mouse mats

personalised photo mouse matpersonalised photo mouse mat

For gamers and heavy computer users, a personalised mouse mat makes all the more sense to gift this Christmas. Customise a range of mouse mats by adding a motivational quote, artwork or fun photograph - it’ll add a touch of inspo to their daily grind. Plus, this practical Christmas gift not only enhances the aesthetics of the workspace but also serves as a constant reminder of you!

11. Engraved chopping boards

personalised engraved chopping boardpersonalised engraved chopping board

Chopping boards can be easily neglected over time - but not if they’re a personalised chopping board with a unique photo or engraving! Choose from a traditional wooden chopping board or a glass model and personalise it with a photo of your choice. It makes for a practical gift idea that’ll help them out in the kitchen, but also serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness. Plus, it can be used for another purpose - a cheeseboard! 

12. Engraved hangers

personalised engraved hangerspersonalised engraved hangers

If their wardrobe (or perhaps floordrobe) needs a bit of TLC - then gift them a set of engraved hangers this year. Not only do they make for a practical Christmas gift idea, but with a set of wooden hangers with a personalised message, they’ll feel all the more special with every use. Plus, it can help spruce up their wardrobe and help with organisation too.

13. Engraved wooden box

personalised wooden boxespersonalised wooden boxes

It’s not uncommon to lose small keepsakes over time. Help your giftee keep everything organised in their very own special engraved wooden box. Choose a blank slate to get their name or special message engraved, or choose from some pre-made boxes (which can still be personalised) that are designed to be opened on special occasions (such as Christmas!). Engraved boxes are not only practical for keeping photos and other memorabilia in one place, but they’re incredibly beautiful and make for a truly special gift.

14. Personalised phone case

personalised photo phone casepersonalised photo phone case

Personalised phone cases are fantastic practical gifts for Christmas. Not only do they help protect their phone, but they can be customised to include their favourite memories such as that group shot, holiday scenery and much more. If your giftee is particularly stylish, you could even customise the phone case to include a particular design that goes with their style - just keep an eye out for any motifs you’ve spotted on them recently for some inspiration!

We hope our list of practical Christmas gift ideas have inspired you to not panic about gifting this year! If you want more inspiration - check out our ultimate Christmas gift guide and the Max Spielmann blog for all things gifting inspo.