unique christmas gift ideas

As the holiday season approaches, your festive spirit may be overshadowed by one nagging worry – having to buy a Christmas gift for that person in your life who already ‘has everything’. 

Thinking of buying a book? They’ve probably read it already. Something for the kitchen? Their countertops are already overrun with every gadget under the sun. A Christmas jumper? Forget it – they already have a different one for each day of December.

Although they may have told you that you don’t have to get them anything, we all know this does nothing to reassure you. But if you don’t want to leave them empty-handed, what on earth can you get them instead? Below, we’ve gathered some unique Christmas gift ideas for that person who’s impossible to buy for.

Personalised Christmas gifts for someone who has everything

If someone has given you no hints at all on what they might want, your best bet is to opt for personalised gifts. With this option, you can give them something truly unique and meaningful that they’ll treasure for many years to come. If you have plenty of photos of the two of you together, this is a great opportunity to pick out your favourites and reminisce about the good old days.

Plus, personalising a gift with Max Spielmann couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is pick a gift and click the ‘Personalise’ button, which will take you to a page where you can upload your favourite photos, add a heartfelt message or write a silly inside joke. Once your personalised gift is ordered, it’ll be ready to collect in as little as one hour from your local store, or you can opt for next working day delivery at checkout.

Looking for some inspiration for personalised gifts for Christmas? Take a peek at some of the gift ideas below:

1. Canvas prints

photo canvas printphoto canvas print

Canvas prints are a much more relaxed, modern and stylish way to show off your favourite photos. These stunning prints also offer much more flexibility when it comes to dimensions, so if you’ve got a photo of a major life event you shared together (think weddings, birthday parties and holidays), display it on a large canvas print to wow your loved one this Christmas.

2. Framed wall art

framed photo wall artframed photo wall art

Wanting something a bit more classic and understated? You can’t go wrong with some tasteful framed wall art. Again, this is a great opportunity to pick a cherished photo of the two of you together, which will show the recipient just how much they mean to you. Plus, you can pick a picture frame that perfectly complements your chosen photo or the recipient’s home decor – this is essential if they’re an interior design fanatic.

3. Photo books

photo bookphoto book

If you’ve got too many amazing photos to choose from, why not create an entire photo book? In addition to filling the pages with happy memories and silly snapshots, you can also customise the hardcover or softcover binding to create a beautiful piece that can be displayed in the home. A photo book is the ideal Christmas gift if you want to bring a smile to their face or even a tear to their eye.

4. Photo crystals

photo crystalphoto crystal

Get your loved one something as unique and special as they are by creating a personalised photo crystal. Your photos will truly sparkle when engraved onto this premium-grade crystal, and your appreciation of this friend or family member will be crystal clear with this incredible gift.

5. Engraved glassware

engraved wine glassengraved wine glass

Christmas is the perfect time for a tipple (or many). If the person on your mind loves a glass of bubbly with their Christmas dinner, get them a champagne flute with their name engraved on it. Or if they’re partial to a bit of whisky in the evening during the holiday season, you can engrave their name or a Christmas message on a beautiful, high-quality whisky glass

6. Engraved wine boxes

engraved wine boxengraved wine box

Christmas is a time to be merry, so why not pair a lovely gift of wine with an engraved wine box personalised with the recipient’s name? Not only is this wine box a much sturdier option for housing bottles, but it’s also much more exciting than sticking a bottle of red or white in a generic bottle bag.

7. Personalised mugs

photo mugsphoto mugs

Indulgence at Christmas doesn’t only refer to alcohol. If your loved one is teetotal (or just a big fan of hot drinks during the cold, wintery weather), you can opt for a personalised mug instead. Liven up your mugs with your favourite photos, the recipient’s name, a funny message or even a festive and glittery mug design

8. Photo coasters

photo coasterphoto coaster

To complete the set, get them a personalised photo coaster to go with their personalised mug. Pick out a silly photo, print an inspirational quote or write a festive message for them this Christmas – the possibilities are endless.

9. Personalised blankets

photo blanketphoto blanket

Your family member or friend may already have a wide array of festive jumpers, fluffy slippers and dressing gowns, but we bet they don’t own a snuggly personalised blanket printed with their favourite photo(s). Depending on the images you choose, you could pick this as a heartfelt, sentimental item or a novelty gift that’ll get plenty of laughs this holiday season.

10. Diaries

personalised diarypersonalised diary

As the year draws to a close, we’ll all be thinking about how we can bring out the best version of ourselves once January arrives. If your loved one is all about reflection and self-improvement, get them a gorgeous personalised diary where they can jot down their thoughts and goals. This is also a great gift for someone who always forgets important dates and appointments.

11. Keyrings

photo keyringsphoto keyrings

Speaking of forgetting things, is the person who ‘has everything’ prone to forgetting or misplacing their keys? In this case, an engraved keyring can be a fun gift that brings a smile to their face. Now if they forget their keys in the future, they’ll have a keyring with their name on it to mark it as theirs.

12. Photo cushions

photo cushionphoto cushion

Christmas is all about getting comfy and cosy, so why not select your favourite photos to create a super-soft personalised photo cushion? The beauty of personalised gifts is that even the person who ‘has everything’ will appreciate this one-of-a-kind present, and they’ll definitely thank you for gifting them a snuggly cushion they can cuddle on cold winter nights.

13. Phone cases

photo phone casephoto phone case

Your loved one may have everything, but are they still walking around with a cracked phone? Keep their mobile safe with a personalised phone case, and add your fave photos of the two of you together to make them smile every time they get a notification. We stock phone cases for all of the popular smartphone brands, including Apple, Samsung and Google, so you’re bound to find one that’s just right.

Photo experience gifts for someone who has everything

In addition to personalised Christmas gifts, experience gifts are ideal for those who seem to have everything already. If you can’t think of an item that would enrich their life, a unique experience could be just what they need.

Instead of having a physical gift, the recipient would benefit from amazing memories they can treasure forever. Plus, by capturing these moments on camera, you can preserve these memories or even create meaningful personalised gifts in the future.

Here are some incredible experience and photo gifts you can give this Christmas:

1. Family photoshoot

family christmas photoshootfamily christmas photoshoot

Whether you’re arranging a photoshoot with your own family member or gifting this experience to a friend, a family photoshoot is an incredibly thoughtful gift that’s perfect for those who want to capture important moments with the people who matter the most to them. This could be an opportunity to create beautiful, high-quality photos that can be displayed prominently in the home, or you may prefer to have lots of fun with a novelty Christmas-themed photoshoot. Get your elf costumes ready!

2. Pet photoshoot

pet photoshootpet photoshoot

Your family photoshoot isn’t complete without some snaps of your pets. If your loved one is an animal lover, help them capture the cuteness and personality of their furry friends with a pet photoshoot. Keep it simple to get some beautiful photos to put on display, or bring out the Christmas decorations and festive-themed pet costumes for something more funny and creative.

3. Instax camera

instax camerasinstax cameras

If photoshoots aren’t their style, why not give them an Instax camera to help them capture these moments themselves? Whether they’re a budding photographer or a complete novice, Instax cameras are super portable and easy to use – just snap your photo and the camera will instantly create a retro-style print. There’s no waiting around with an Instax camera, so you can keep snapping and create a beautiful photo album in no time at all!


Christmas shopping can be a nightmare when someone you know is impossible to buy for. Personalised gifts are your best bet for giving a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gift that they’ve certainly never seen before. Check out the Max Spielmann blog for more gifting inspiration, or get in touch today to arrange a unique photoshoot gift.