Small Photo Prints

Your biggest moments, but in the smallest print sizes. These adorable mini photo prints are absolutely bags of fun, perfect for squeezing your memories into tiny spaces, sharing with friends, or displaying all over the house. Or a mixture of all three, of course.

Stick 3x4" prints into magical scrapbooks, slip 2x3" prints into wallets and purses, or take professional-quality ID photos, our small photo prints can be used in all kinds of different ways. That’s right, your treasured memories are about to go fun-sized, so print small photos online and create your own super-cute mini prints!

Why choose small photo prints?

Super-cute sizes

From 2x3” to 3x4” prints, fill the tiniest spaces with your own mini photos. 

Stunning print quality

They might be small in size, but they’re still big on vivid colours and detail. 

Premium photo paper

Your mini memories are printed on premium 220gsm glossy photo paper. 

Frequently asked questions about small photo prints

What small photo sizes can I print?

Small photo prints are available in all kinds of adorable mini sizes. Pocket prints are 3x4”, wallet prints are 3.5x2.5”, small pictures are 1.5x2”, while locket prints offer various different sizes of the same photo. 

Can I print small photos from my phone?

Yes! It’s really easy to print photos directly from your phone either online or in our stores. Printing small photos online is easy-peasy, you’ll simply need to choose a size and then upload photos directly from your camera roll.

If you want to print small photos in-store, you can either connect to our iSnaps instant printing kiosks or ask a colleague for assistance. Either way, you could be holding small photo prints in just a matter of moments. 

What is the smallest size photo you can print?

Our small photo print sizes run as small as 2x3”. This is so they can still be useable as decorations, framing and popping somewhere small like a wallet, purse or even your pocket.

How many small photo prints can I order?

We can print a maximum of 8 photos on a single print, but you can obviously order as many prints as you like!