£9.99 photoshoot package - what’s included?

This is our cheapest photoshoot package, but you’ll still get all of this!

Professional Photoshoot

Our super-friendly, highly-skilled photographers will capture a stunning portrait you’ll want to hold on to forever.

Glossy 10x8” Photo Print (x1)

Your portrait will be printed onto a single glossy 10x8” photo print, brought to life in stunning quality and detail.

Glossy 6x4” Photo Prints (x3)

You’ll take home three glossy 6x4” photo prints, perfect for sharing your portrait with friends and family.

Keyring Photo Prints (x6)

Your portrait will also be printed on six small keyring photo prints you can always keep close to hand.

Experience family photoshoots in 300+ Max Spielmann stores

There’s no need to book. Just bring the whole family to a store once their big smiles are ready!