Our passport photos - all the important info

Our passport photos are suitable for all UK biometric  passports (e-Passports) - which is any passport issued after 2010. 

 You’ll get a print copy, digital copy and photo code, which you can use to submit your online passport application yourself. 

 Photos are also suitable for: driving licences, bus passes, railcards, student cards, green cards, and many more forms of ID! 

 We take professional passport photos for international passports and visas for over 140 countries.

 You can retake your passport photo up to 10 times (at no additional cost) to make sure you’re 100% happy with it.

 We offer professional passport photos for adults, teenagers, kids, toddlers, and even newborns. We’ll sort the whole family!

Get all the info you need for perfect passport photos

There’s a lot of passport information out there. From photo requirements to passport regulations, it’s enough to make your head spin. Not to worry, we’ve spared you the headache and pulled together all the important stuff you need to know about all kinds of passports.

Passport Photo Booths

Find nearby photo booths and get passport-ready in an instant.

Digital Passport Photos

Get instant digital passport photos from your local Max Spielmann shop.

Baby Passport Photos

Taking the little ones abroad? Get their passport sorted without any stress.

Document Checklist

Before trying our Apply & Go service, find out everything you need to bring with you.

Photo Requirements

Your passport photo needs to meet several criteria, find out how to take the perfect photo.

Passport Photo Tips

Follow these simple tips to make sure you look your best in your next passport photo. 

How to print ID and passport photos in our shops

Step 1

Enter your postcode to find the nearest shop or passport photo booth. 

Step 2

Check our opening times and pop in when you’re ready - no need to book!

Step 3

Take perfect passport photos in an instant - and try our Apply & Go service!!

Frequently asked questions about passport & ID photos

What type of passport photo and ID photos can you take?

We can take all types of passport and ID photos including visas for different countries, driving licences, travel passes and much more.

How much are passport and ID photos?

Standard passport photos start at £12.99. Driving licences also start at £12.99, while ID types prices start at £10.99. For visas, prices start at £14.99.

Do you take baby passport photos?

Yes we specialise in and take baby passport photos and visas too. Meeting HMPO rules can be much harder when taking photos of young children, but we know all the rules so you don’t have to! We’ll ensure that everyone in the family is holiday-ready, including newborns, toddlers, children, teenagers and parents too. 

Can I get a digital ID photo code?

Yes we offer digital ID photo codes for UK passports if required.

What if my passport photo is rejected?

Don't worry, we will retake your passport photo for free.

Can I wear makeup on my passport photo?

Yes, you can wear makeup. There are no hard and fast rules on this, but it’s best to opt for more natural makeup styles that don’t alter your features too much. 

Do you offer digital copies of my passport photos?

Yes, you can choose to get your photos onto a USB or by email (may incur a cost).

Do I need to book an appointment for a passport photo?

No, you can pop into any of our stores and get your passport photo take straight away.

Can you edit or enhance my passport photo?

Passport photos must not have been manipulated or edited by computer software.

How long do passport photos take?

We can take and print your passport photos in minutes!

Can you take a visa photo?

Yes we offer lots of visa photo options and can custom make an ID photo to the exact specifications required.

Can I wear glasses in my passport photo?

It is fine to wear glasses providing they are not sunglasses or tinted, however there must be no glare and your eyes must be fully visible

Can I wear my hair up or cover it?

You can wear your hair up but unless it's for religious or medical reasons, your hair must not be covered.

Are my passport photos and visa photos guaranteed?

All of our passport photos and ID photos are fully guaranteed and we will retake them free of charge or offer a refund if needed.

Do you offer a driving licence photo service?

Yes we do, visit one of our local branches today.

What if I don't like the passport photo?

We will take as many photos as you need to get your perfect ID or passport photo.

Are your photo booths accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, we have more photo booths now that are easily accessible for wheelchair users. Please click here to search for one near you.