Enjoy baby cake smash photoshoots in selected stores

Smiles. Giggles. Cake all over the place. Baby cake smash photoshoots are just as fun for parents as they are for babies. After all the smushing and smashing mayhem, you’ll go home with photos you can cherish forever.

Baby Cake Smash Photos - Handy Tips

What is a baby cake smash photoshoot?

Babies. Cake. Smash. It’s exactly what it says on the baking tin. A smash cake photoshoot captures snaps of your baby with their first birthday cake, which they’re free to smash, dig and play with however they like. This results in super-cute, funny and messy photos which capture your baby’s happy face (they’ll probably look a bit mischievous, too!). All the best moments will be caught on camera, so parents can just sit back, relax and join in with all the giggling!

When should you do a cake smash?

Cake smash photos are typically done to celebrate a child’s first birthday, but they need to be able to sit up independently. These photos could be the perfect way to end their birthday bash, or captured in advance of the big day ready to display at the party!

What do I need for a cake smash photoshoot?

You just need to bring yourself, your baby and a cake into your nearest participating Max Spielmann store. The cake is going to be destroyed, so we recommend you don’t bring anything too expensive, but anything with loads of white frosting is sure to look great on camera! If you want to include any props in the shoot, these may need to be brought with you - including balloons, flowers, etc. Selected Max Spielmann stores do offer themed props and backdrops, but please call your local store before travelling.

How are my photos printed?

Once we’ve captured all of the cake smashing action, you can have the adorable snaps printed however you want! We offer a range of fantastic photo packages, letting you choose from a mixture of classic prints, canvases, keyrings, mugs and so much more!

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