Passport Photo Requirements UK

Before applying for your new passport, read up on the latest passport photo rules you need to follow for your passport to be accepted.

Follow passport photo rules to get it right first-time

Strict passport photo requirements can make applications a little stressful. To avoid any rejections and delays, these passport photo guidelines show all the latest rules!

Passport photo size UK

Printed passport photos must measure 45mm x 35mm. Digital photos must be between 50KB & 10MB.

Photo quality

Your passport photos must be focused, clear and in full colour. Printed photos cannot be creased or torn.


Passport photos must be taken against a clear, light-coloured background that contrasts clearly.


You need to be alone in the photo and look straight at the camera with a neutral expression.


Eyes must be open and visible, unobscured by hair. “Red eye” will also be rejected. 


Unless for religious or medical reasons, no headwear can be worn in your passport photo.


There must be no shadows on your face or behind you. Lighting must always be even.  


Glasses should not be worn unless necessary. They cannot be sunglasses or tinted glasses.


Passport photos cannot be altered, edited or manipulated in any way by computer software.

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Confused by all the HMPO rules? Don’t panic, here’s all the passport photo guidance you’ll ever need.