Discover photo restoration services in-store

Want to keep hold of precious memories forever? We’ll restore, repair and recolour old photos to bring them back to their original condition.

Restore old photos

Using the latest digital restoration techniques, we’ll restore old colour photos, black & white prints, negatives and slides.

Repair damaged photos

Don’t panic if your cherished photos are scratched, torn or even missing pieces. We’ll repair all your damaged photographs.

Recolour fading photos

From black & white photos to faded old prints, we can add colour, remove unwanted objects, or even combine multiple photos into one!

Restore all your most precious old photographs

Dream of seeing old family photos in stunning colour? We’ll freshen up your favourite smiles with all kinds of amazing techniques.

Photo recolouring

Faded colours can be digitally restored by correcting contrasts, colour casts and shadows.

Photo retouching

Remove objects, airbrush faces and edit backgrounds to craft the perfect family photos.

Recreate missing pieces

Missing sections from damaged photos can be masterfully rebuilt and recreated.

Black & white colourisation

Bring precious black and white photos to life in stunning, accurate and natural

Repair damaged photos to make them shine again

You might think your favourite old photos are beyond repair, but our experienced specialists can remove all of these nasty blemishes… and much more!

Dust, stains & scratches

Rips, tears & creases

Dirt spots, mould & water damage

Pen, paint and biro marks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to send my original photo away for restoration?

No we scan your original photo in branch and return your original to you straight away.

How badly damaged can my photograph be?

We can work wonders but some damage or missing parts can be difficult to replace, we can advise you in store of what is possible.

Can you remove people out of a photograph?

Yes, we can remove someone and even place them on a new background.

Can you combine two photos together?

Yes we can help with this, our colleagues instore can advise and may have examples too.

How long does photo restoration take?

Simple photo restorations may be able to be done instore, otherwise our excellence centre will complete it within a couple of weeks.

What if I’m not happy with the photo restoration results?

We will happily try to improve the results if possible, however it can be difficult to repair faces if too badly damaged.

Can you turn a black and white photo into colour?

Yes, we can colourise photos. You will need to advise us on the colours you would like adding for each person and items of clothing. Our colleagues instore will help with this.

How much does photo restoration cost?

Cost varies on the difficulty of the photo restoration, but we will help estimate this when you visit our branch.

Can you make me look thinner on my photo?

Yes we can, although we think you look great just as you are.

Can you make a collage of multiple photos?

Yes we can offer a variety of collages instore and if you don’t like any we can make you one from scratch.