Rewind, restore and relive your most precious moments

Birthdays. Holidays. Weddings. Some of life’s most memorable moments are saved on old video tapes, but dusty VHS players are now a thing of the past. Keep hold of those precious memories forever by turning them into DVDs and digital files - we make everything quick and easy!


Select your media

No matter where your old memories are stored, we’ll quickly remake them for today’s world.


Choose your format

From DVDs to digital downloads, simply tell us how you’d like to keep hold of your happy moments.


Send your memories

Post us your memories or bring them to your local shop - you’ll always get your originals back!

Make sure your most treasured memories never fade

It’s time to future-proof the moments that really matter. VHS tapes, cine film and other older formats will gradually deteriorate, so transferring them to modern technology will keep them safe for the next generation. Hey, you don’t want to risk losing those memories forever!

VHS Tapes

Convert your treasured VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS
and all other tapes to DVD and USB!


Save happy home videos by converting Video8, Hi8, MiniDV and all other camcorder tapes!

Cine Film

Send us any length of cine film to transfer it to a DVD (price will depend on the length of film).

Slides & Photos

Don’t lose old slides or loose photo prints, keep them safe by converting them to

Different ways to enjoy the taste of sweet, sweet nostalgia


You’ll never have to rewind an old tape again. Convert VHS tapes to DVD to rewatch them on the telly for years to come.

USB memory stick

No more cluttered memories, transfer them to a handy USB stick to easily plug in and play them on your favourite devices.

Digital download

Your memories will be saved securely online, and you’ll get a digital download link to share them with friends and family.

Converting VHS to digital at Max Spielmann

Converting VHS tapes to DVD is one of our most popular in-store photo services!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of video can I convert to DVD & digital?

You can transfer all kinds of different video formats to DVD with us. A small selection of videos can be transferred online via the post, but you can transfer many more video types in Max Spielmann stores, including:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS
  • Video8
  • Hi8
  • MiniDV
  • Slides

How long does it take to convert video to DVD?

Our VHS to digital service will take up to 7-10 working days but may vary during peak times or if your tape needs repairing.

How much does converting video tapes cost?

Converting your first video tape to DVD will cost £30, but each additional tape will only cost £20 each. Extra copies of your DVD will cost £10 each, while transferring an additional copy onto USB will cost an extra £20. 

Can I bring in cine films of any length?

Yes, we can accept any length cine - see our price guide below as your total cost for cine will differ according to the length of footage.

Can I order more than one digital copy of my VHS?

Yes you can and we would advise you to order when you bring your original VHS films in so that you save with our great 2nd copy deal.

Will my VHS and Cine order be safe?

Yes of course! We ensure all customers orders are tracked with unique order numbers personally assigned to you.

What if my VHS tape is damaged?

Max Spielmann offers VHS tape repair service for damaged or mouldy VHS tapes. We'll attempt to repair any broken tapes before transfer, but please be aware we may be unable to return seriously damaged tapes to you, 

Are there any VHS tapes that cannot be copied?

Due to copyright law we cannot copy tapes of copyright material such as Hollywood movies.

Can I have a copy of my VHS onto USB?

Yes, we can supply a USB with your DVD for an additional £20.

Does your cine Super 8mm transfer service to DVD include sound?

No, sorry it does not.

Will my original VHS tape be returned?

Yes we return your original tapes in their original condition

Can you see what’s on the VHS tape before I send away?

Unfortunately not as they equipment used isn’t available in our branches

Will the VHS quality be ok?

This will depend on your original VHS/cinefilm but we will do our best to ensure the highest quality copy is produced.

How is my VHS order posted?

We use a tracked courier to and from our Excellence Centre