Softcover Photo Books

Flick through your treasured memories with photo books that feel more like a modern magazine. Our softcover photo books are lighter, cheaper and more flexible than our premium hardcover books, offering a fun way to turn your favourite photos into a page-turner unlike any other.

It’s easy to personalise these gloss laminated covers and spine with your most treasured memory, before you really get creative by filling the pages with more moments that make you smile!

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Create softcover photo books in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your theme

Save time with our ready-made themes or start your photo book from scratch!

2. Choose your size

Make square, medium or landscape hardcover photo books - you can also add extra pages!

3. Upload your photos

Fill the pages with all your fave snaps, personalised text and all kinds of fun illustrations!

Frequently asked questions about softcover photo books

What’s the difference between softcover and hardcover photo books?

Hardcover photo books keep your pages better protected, with a more luxurious and premium feel. Softcover photo books are lighter and more flexible, which makes it easy to flick through the pages and admire your photos. 

While hardcover photo books are the most popular option, there are benefits to both types of photo book here - so the right choice will depend on your preference! 

Can I customise my photo book’s cover and spine?

You can easily personalise both the front and back cover of all softcover photo books. This is actually the first step when creating photo books online, so it’s just a case of adding a photo to these pages!

However, softcover photobooks don’t include a thick spine, so it’s not possible to personalise this. 

What size are softcover photo books?

Softcover photo books are available in small and medium sizes, but we don’t currently offer large softcover books. All softcover book sizes are also available in various orientations, including square, landscape and portrait photo books. 

How many pages can I have in my softcover photo book?

All hardcover photo books include 20 pages as standard, but you can add up to 80 extra pages for an additional cost. The price of extra pages depends on the photo book size you’ve chosen: this is £1 for small books and £1.50 for medium (per page).