Aluminium Photo Prints - Wall Mounted

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Aluminium Panel 24x16"
Aluminium Panel 31x23"

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Aluminium photo prints are perfect for those wanting to preserve photos with a true premium feel, outstanding image sharpness and UV damage protection. Our jaw-dropping aluminium prints bring your best snaps to life on sleek, glossy metal to really bring out the vividness of your photos. Plus, our ChromaLuxe aluminium photo prints are great for adding a luxurious touch to your interiors too!

Key features of our aluminium photo prints:

  • Print your photos on metal for a sleek, modern look
  • High gloss finish and vivid picture quality
  • UV printed on stable, long-lasting ChromaLuxe aluminium panels
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof
  • Includes wall mounting fixtures (excluding screws)
  • Sizes: 24x16” (61x41cm), 31”x23” (79x58cm), all 1mm thick
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Aluminium photo prints - display your photos a little differently

While traditional photo prints are just as lovely, if you’re after a touch of luxury, then look no further than aluminium photo prints. Our prints are placed on stable, durable and scratch-resistant ChromaLuxe aluminium panels, which are perfect for the modern home or a premium gift. For those looking for something different, you’ll be pleased to know our aluminium photo prints come with a premium high gloss finish to ensure your prints always stand out on the wall - drawing attention to your photo and completely wowing your visitors!

So if you’re after an elegant and sophisticated way of displaying your photos, aluminium prints are where it’s at. It’s no mystery as to why this is quickly becoming the latest home decor craze. Don’t get left behind the times, display your own precious memories on aluminium photo prints or create a wonderful gift for someone special instead.

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Aluminium photo print sizes

Aluminium photo prints (inches) Height Width Thickness
24x16" 61cm 41cm 1mm
31x23" 79cm 58cm 1mm

Why choose aluminium photo prints?

Smooth aluminium panel

Showcase your favourite memories on modern & stylish metal that’s easy to wipe clean!

Stunning glossy finish

Aluminium photo prints bring memories to life in sharp resolution and vibrant colour. 

Made to last a lifetime

Metal prints are scratch-resistant and weatherproof - so your memories will never fade!

Frequently asked questions about aluminium photo prints

How are photos printed on aluminium?

Dye-sublimation is the process used by our printers to reproduce your image on ChromalLuxe aluminium sheet metal. This is done by injecting tons of tiny dots on the metal with added heat. 

Why choose an aluminium photo print?

Aluminium photos require little to no maintenance, are easy to care for and are weather resistant, meaning more places to hang your photos in sunlight or even outdoors too. Plus, aluminium is also a great choice for those after large prints, due to the immense detail aluminium can bring out in a photo. Don’t let the fact it’s metal fool you either - our aluminium photo prints are incredibly light and safe to handle, making them easy to mount on a wall with ease.

Finally, due to an aluminium photo print’s feel and lustre, they make for the perfect gift for loved ones who appreciate the finer things in life. It’s sure to turn heads and impress if you gift one!

How long do aluminium photo prints last?

For years and years! Unless they're constantly exposed to sunlight (which might make the picture gradually fade), your aluminium prints shouldn't degrade much over time. Since they're printed with inks of the absolute highest quality, your metal prints can last a lifetime (or even longer!). 

How to display aluminium prints

Aluminium photo prints can either be displayed on a wall or stood on a tabletop, simply choose our wall-mounted or desk-mounted options when creating your own metal prints. 

Wall-mounted aluminium photo prints include wall-mounting fixtures, so they're really easy to pop straight up on the wall. Although we don't provide screws or nails, you can hang them with hooks, stick them with self-adhesive tape or use a clamping system that keeps them securely in place. Whatever your chosen method, always keep the size and weight of your aluminium photo print in mind!

Desk-mounted aluminium photo prints include a hand metal back stand, so you can just pop these straight on a desk, shelf, or any other flat surface. It's easy peasy!

Do metal prints need a frame? 

One of the best things about metal photo prints is their versatility. You can hang them directly on the wall without a frame if you want to go for an effortlessly stylish look, or you can choose to add a gorgeous frame to your photo to really make a statement. Metal prints don’t need a frame to be preserved or displayed safely, so you can get creative and style them as you like!