Wow Disposable Single Use Camera (free processing included)

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Say “cheese”! Those big parties and events are always full of magical moments, so you can capture all the biggest smiles with a fun single-use camera. From unforgettable wedding days to milestone birthdays, WOW Disposable Cameras make it quick and easy to snap those big occasions - and you just can’t beat the excitement of waiting for your film to be developed!

  • Each camera is pre-loaded with 35mm film and includes 24 exposures
  • Get your film developed for FREE at any Max Spielmann store (6x4” prints)
  • Upgrade your print sizes or get them loaded onto a CD for an additional cost
  • For the best picture quality, it’s recommended to always use the flash
  • Camera size: 105x55mm
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    Cameras & Film Single Use Cameras

    Flash! Snap those big occasions with fun, quick, easy-to-use disposable cameras

    You’ll never miss a thing ever again. It doesn’t matter how big your party or event might be, just start snapping away with a handy disposable camera and you can capture all of the happiest moments. Even better, you can scatter them around the tables and encourage guests to capture big moments too!

    The WOW Disposable Camera is available exclusively from Max Spielmann, and comes pre-loaded with 35mm Fujifilm ASA 200 camera film that can take 24 photos. Yep, that’s 24 memories you can keep hold of forever, and your local Max Spielmann store will even develop them as 6x4” prints for FREE!

    Want to go a little bigger? Upgrade your prints to 7x5” (£3.50), 8x6” (£4.50) or save them onto a CD (£3.00) for a small additional cost. Memories are made for sharing, so you can develop an extra set of your photos for £5, no matter which print size you’ve gone for.
    How to use WOW Disposable Single-Use Cameras

    WOW Disposable Cameras are incredibly quick and easy to use (that’s why they’re so much fun!), but you might be a little out of practice with single-use cameras like this. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be a pro as quick as a flash!

    • Use the film winder to load the next shot
    • For best results make sure you use the flash
    • Point at your subject and press the shutter release
    • Once all the shots have been used take into your nearest Max Spielmann store

    Ideas for using disposable cameras

    Alright, so you probably use your camera phone a lot of the time, but sometimes a vintage throwaway camera just does the job so much better. Besides, these super-cute designs are loads of fun, so here are some disposable camera ideas to help get you started.

    • Weddings and big parties: put a WOW Disposable Camera on every table and encourage your guests to take photos you can look back on forever!
    • Family days out: you probably don’t fancy risking your expensive digital camera on a sandy beach or by the pool, so capture those big summer smiles with a single-use camera instead!
    • Music festivals: things can easily get lost or damaged at a festival, so a fun disposable camera helps you capture memories without worrying about the torrential rain! And all that mud.

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