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Say “cheese”! Those big parties and events are always full of magical moments, so capture all the biggest smiles with a super-cute 35mm disposable camera.

From unforgettable wedding days to milestone birthdays, WOW disposable cameras make snapping those big occasions quicker, easier and *so* much more fun. Just wind, point and shoot - and then get your film developed for FREE in our shops! 

  • Exclusive single-use disposable camera
  • Preloaded with Fujifilm ASA 200 35mm film (27 exposures)
  • Use built-in flash for best results
  • Fun & easy to use
  • Includes FREE in-store film processing (6x4” prints)
  • Upgrade print sizes or load photos onto CD
  • Camera size: 105x55mm
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Cameras & Film Single Use Cameras

Snap every big occasion with fun, cute, easy-to-use disposable cameras

You’ll never miss a moment ever again. It doesn’t matter how big your party or event might be, start snapping away with a handy disposable camera to make sure you capture all the best bits. Even better, you can hand disposable cameras out to all your guests and encourage them to take loads of photos, too!

The WOW Disposable Camera is available exclusively from Max Spielmann, and comes pre-loaded with 35mm Fujifilm ASA 200 camera film that can take up to 27 photos. Yep, that’s 27 happy memories you can hold in the palm of your hand *forever*!

This popular single-use camera has a light and compact body, a built-in flash, and includes FREE film processing in Max Spielmann shops. Your film will be developed as 6x4” prints, but you can also upgrade the size of your prints or load photos onto a CD for an additional cost. 

Please note: camera and film products are excluded from all promotional offers and discount codes. 

How to use our WOW disposable cameras

Single-use disposable cameras are loads of fun to use, just follow these simple steps!


Use the film winder to prepare your next amazing shot. 


For best results, we recommend you always use the flash.


Point the camera at your subject (at least 1 metre away).


Press the shutter release to take your photo!

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Frequently asked questions about disposable cameras

Where can I get my disposable camera developed?

When you’ve bought a WOW disposable camera with us, you can get your film developed for free at any Max Spielmann shop. Some shops can develop camera film in as soon as 1 hour, while other shops need to send film to our Specialist Centre, which can take up to 21 working days. 

Where to buy disposable cameras?

You can buy disposable cameras on our website or in most Max Spielmann shops. The WOW disposable camera is sold exclusively by us.

Are your disposable cameras recycled after use?

Yes! Unlike many other disposable cameras, all used WOW cameras are recovered and recycled, to make sure they’re completely environmentally friendly.. 

How do I know how many pictures I can take?

Every WOW disposable camera has a film roll with 27 exposures, so each camera takes a total of 27 photos. On the top of the disposable camera, you’ll find a small circular counter that tells you exactly how many more photos you can take before the film runs out!

Should I always use the flash?

To ensure you get the best possible picture quality, we advise you always use the flash when using our disposable cameras either inside or outside. This makes sure your subject is always well-lit, and prevents your photos from looking dark and grainy. 

Do disposable cameras expire?

Every WOW disposable camera features a “Process Before” date on the bottom of the sleeve. The chemicals in camera film can degrade over time, so we recommend developing your camera film before this expiry date to ensure you get the best picture results. 

Your disposable camera can still be developed after this date has passed, but we’ll be unable to guarantee the quality of your photos.

How do I look after my disposable camera?

We recommend you keep your disposable camera away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture as much as possible. You also shouldn’t remove the camera film or open the camera body under any circumstances.