Making custom picture frames is easy online

From unforgettable photos to gorgeous artwork, design made-to-measure frames online and display all the things you love. 

Pick any size

Design a bespoke frame that perfectly matches the size of your artwork.

Choose any style

Mix up your frame style with a selection of colours, materials and mouldings. 

Design any mount

Add the finishing touch to your frame with beautiful mounts in any colour. 

Made to measure picture frames, made simple at Max Spielmann

Our passion, knowledge and experience ensure that every custom frame is made to the highest standard possible. 

Premium materials

Every custom frame is lovingly hand-made, using only mouldings and mounts of the highest quality. 

Great prices

Find beautiful frame styles and sizes for all budgets. Real quality, affordable prices. 

Fast turnaround

Most made-to-measure frames will be ready to collect in-store in just 5-7 working days

How to create your made-to-measure picture frames

Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be hanging your own custom picture frames in no time. 

Visit a store or shop online

Create custom frames online or explore a much wider range of styles in our shops. 

Design your frame

Choose any frame style, colour and finish - all custom-made to the exact measurements you need.

Your frame is made

Once your frame is ready, you can collect it in-store or get it delivered straight to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are made-to-measure picture frames?

The bigger your frame, the more expensive it will be. The price of made-to-measure frames depends entirely on your chosen measurements, material and frame style, so our colleagues in-store will run you through our prices when helping to design your frame. 

Although prices will vary from frame to frame, the cheapest custom frames are typically shorter, narrower and simpler in design than more expensive frames. For example, a plain 150x300mm frame with a 20mm moulding will be cheaper than a decorative 800x1050mm frame with a 43mm moulding. 

Your choice of material and finish will also impact the price, as prices will fluctuate between the different wooden frames we offer. For example, standard timber frames will cost less than premium pine moulding with a metallic finish. 

How long will it take to make my custom picture frame?

Most custom picture frames will be ready within 5-7 working days, but more specialised frames (such as frames for football shirts) typically take between 10-14 working days. If you’re ordering a particularly large frame, please note that these can also take slightly longer to make. 

When ordering your made-to-measure frame in a store, our colleagues will run you through the exact lead time and let you know when to expect your frame. No matter how long it takes us to make, you can always choose whether to get your frame home delivered (for £5) or to collect it in-store (for free). 

Why create made-to-measure picture frames?

Custom picture frames offer a completely unique way to display things that are important to you. Whether it’s a precious family photo or your favourite piece of artwork, made-to-measure frames let you choose the perfect size, style, colour and design to go with it. 

Instead of settling for a standard photo frame, making your own bespoke picture frames give you the power to make something that meets your exact requirements. Your pictures deserve the best, after all. 

Can I design or order made-to-measure picture frames online?

No, made-to-measure picture frames can only be ordered in our stores. Simply visit your local Max Spielmann shop, speak to a colleague at the counter, and they’ll order a frame for you right there in the shop. 

You’ll be shown all the different frame styles, colours and materials that we offer, along with a list of prices and estimated lead times for your frame. Once you’ve told us the exact measurements you’re looking for, our in-store colleagues will fill out a quick and easy order form. 

Can you frame my picture for me?

Yes, the colleagues in our stores are happy to frame your photos or artwork once your custom frame has arrived. However, all custom picture frames are made by the specialists at our central workshop, and then either sent back to the store or your home address. 

To allow our in-store colleagues to frame your pictures, simply choose to collect your completed frame in-store and then bring your picture to us when you come to pick it up! Our colleagues will quickly remove the back of your frame, pop the picture inside, and then hand it back to you ready to hang.

Aside from pictures & photos, what else can I frame?

People love to frame all kinds of things these days, so we supply made-to-measure frames for everything from canvas prints to football shirts. These specialist custom frames take slightly longer for us to make, but simply tell our in-store colleagues exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide a quote that includes a price and timeframe. 

What is the quality of your custom picture frames like?

All made-to-measure picture frames are lovingly handmade by our specialists right here in the UK. Every frame undergoes rigorous quality checks before it’s sent back to, while we use a combination of state-of-the-art tech and careful craftsmanship to deliver the best results possible. 

We use strong, durable and stylish wooden materials of the finest quality, to ensure your custom frame (and the precious pictures within) will last a lifetime.