Framed Photo Wall Art

Your phone's jam-packed packed with loads of great snaps, so turn your favourites into framed photo wall art! Instead of losing photos in your camera roll (or accidentally deleting them), choose from our range of frame styles, sizes and designs to transform your most precious memories into unique personalised wall art

After all, displaying your favourite smiles and biggest moments is the best way to add some fun to that boring blank wall space. Print and frame cherished memories in black, white, light wood or rustic wood frames, and shop a great selection of wall art designs - from heart collages to hanging retro prints and much more!

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Frequently asked questions about framed photo wall art

How do I print framed photo wall art online?

It’s easy to create framed photo wall art online with Max Spielmann. Navigate through our hefty list of framed wall art options and choose the one you like. Next, select your favourite photos after clicking “personalise” on the framed art you wish to customise. You can choose to upload straight from your device, such as a PC, mobile or tablet, or connect your social media account or cloud services. 

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure your image aligns with the borders so all the important stuff is front and centre. Add to the basket, choose store collection or home delivery, and you’re done!

Can I change the orientation of my framed wall art?

In most cases, landscape and portrait versions of our framed wall art designs are available separately. This means you’ll need to choose your print orientation before you start personalising, as you can’t currently change this in our online builder.

How can I display my framed wall art?

Most photo frames include both a back stand and wall hooks, so they’re super-easy to display straight out of the box. However, larger framed wall art (anything bigger than A4) doesn’t include a back stand, as these larger sizes are typically displayed on the wall instead of being stood up somewhere. 

Which colour photo frame should I choose?

The choice is yours! For black and white photos, we highly recommend our black or white framing options. For something more traditional, our rustic or light wood frames make for great framed photo wall art if you’re using colour. There really are no rules though - simply experiment with different photos until you achieve the framed wall art you desire!

Should I choose the same frame style for every print?

Rules schmules - go wild by mixing and matching colours across our range! Take it that extra step further by picking out some single framed photo wall art with our collage formats too for an interesting display. Of course, if you prefer something minimal, then selecting the same colour framed wall art can give your photo display a more cohesive look.

This depends entirely on your home decor style, so there’s no right or wrong answer here! Stick to the same style if you want a more traditional, minimalist look, but don’t be afraid to mix things up if you’re being more creative!

Can I buy photo frames without a print included?

Yes! We have a great selection of standard photo frames available, which don’t include a photo print. So you can easily find the perfect match for your favourite photo!

Can I add custom text to my framed wall art?

Yes, most designs give you the option to add text when you’re personalising your framed wall art. To make sure everything fits inside the frame, some designs will have a character limit, while others won’t have a text option at all (so your amazing photos will take centre stage). 

Is framed wall art a good gift?

Of course! Imagine being gifted a physical photo of that group selfie you took on a special day. Plus, framed photo art makes for a great personalised gift if you’re not sure where to begin.