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You know the old expression: keep your treasured memories close to your chest. These locket-sized photo prints are the perfect little surprise for inside lockets, wallets, keyrings and anywhere else you can squeeze a small photo print! You’ll get the same image in 19 different sizes, so you can always be sure of finding the perfect fit.

  • The ideal photos for lockets, wallets and keyrings
  • Beautiful picture quality and high-quality photo paper
  • 19 copies of the same image in varying small sizes - simply cut out the sizes you need!
  • All images printed on a single 7x5” print
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    Delivery Time Click & Collect~In 20 minutes • (FREE)~Home delivery~1-2 working days (Order by 12pm, Mon-Fri)
    Photo Print Type Small Prints

    Locket photos make sure those truly special moments are always close to your heart

    Open for a surprise! These popular locket photos let you squeeze happy moments into the smallest spaces, sitting snugly in necklace lockets, wallets, keyrings and any other nook and cranny you want to fill with your favourite faces.

    Not sure what size you need? No bother. You’ll get 19 versions of the same photo all in different sizes, printed on high-quality photo paper in a 7x5” print. All you have to do is cut out the size that fits best, then squeeze your locket photo inside and carry it with you wherever you go.

    Hey, you could even use all 19 photos and hide them away in different places, or share them with loved ones so they can enjoy the same pictures in their lockets. Either way, simply upload a photo straight from your phone, computer or social media, and we’ll make sure it always stays close to your heart!

    Looking to squeeze happy faces and memories into even more places? Explore our full selection of small photo prints to find the perfect pictures for your space!

    You’ll love printing photos with us

    Premium photo paper

    It’s more than just a print. Your precious memories are printed on premium 220gsm glossy photo paper. 

    Stunning print quality

    The smooth, sleek and shiny glossy finish brings photos to life in vibrant colour and stunning detail. 

    Sizes for every moment

    Print photos in sizes perfect for hanging, framing, clipping, and sharing in all kinds of creative ways!

    Frequently asked questions about locket photo prints

    What paper will my photos be printed on?

    We understand it’s more than just a photo, it’s your precious memories we’re printing. All online glossy photo prints, lustre photo prints and retro photo prints are printed on high-quality 220gsm Fuji photo paper with premium inks, ensuring you always enjoy a beautiful, professional and long-lasting finish. 

    Photo enlargements, such as poster printing and photo banners, are printed on thicker, professional-grade 260gsm photo paper. 

    Which photo print sizes are right for me?

    Ordering online photo prints is easy-peasy with us, but you might be a little unsure which print size to go for. Don’t panic, you’re not alone, so we’ve put together a little extra info to give you some inspo. 

    You might be creating a heartfelt family scrapbook, an album for a special occasion or a gallery wall full of smiles, our range of print sizes lets you share memories your own way. From standard 6x4” prints to much larger sizes, you can make your best moments as big or small as you like.

    Standard Photo Prints - (6x4” & 7x5”)

    These popular everyday prints help you keep hold of precious moments forever. They’re the most versatile prints that we sell, perfect for creating scrapbooks, photo albums and collages, as well as framing on the wall. Clip, stick or hang them wherever they need to go! 

    PLEASE NOTE: all 7x5" photo prints feature a white border around the edge. 

    Large Photo Prints - (8x6”, 10x8” & 12x8”)

    Some memories simply deserve to go a little bigger. These larger prints let your best photos take centre-stage, ideal for hanging on the walls and surrounding yourself with the moments that matter. Turn your best snaps into your very own work of art!

    Can I order black and white photo prints?

    Yes, so long as the original image you upload is already black and white. You are currently unable to edit colours and add filters to photos directly in our online photo printing builder, so you’ll need to make sure the photo is already black & white before uploading online. 

    If you’re taking photos on a film camera, we can also develop your black-and-photos either in stores or online. You can find out more about our film processing services here

    Do you offer matte photo prints?

    No, we don’t currently offer full matte photo prints. However, our lustre photo prints feature a gorgeous matte-like finish that’s not as shiny or reflective as our standard glossy photo prints. Lustre prints are definitely the best option for those looking for a matte finish!

    What photo print sizes do you offer?

    It’s important to print your photos in your own way, so we offer a massive selection of print sizes to help you do this. Glossy photo prints and lustre photo prints are all available in 6x4”, 7x5”, 8x6”, 10x8” and 12x8”, while our retro photo prints are all 6x5”. 

    You can discover a huge range of online photo printing options with us. From super-cute 3x4” mini photo prints to large 30x20” photo poster printing, you can always find exactly the right size for your fave photos. You can also crop your photos when creating your prints online, so it’s always super-easy to find the perfect print size!

    Which is better - lustre or glossy photo prints?

    Glossy and lustre photo prints are both fantastic photo printing options, so your choice depends on the look, feel and finish you really want from your prints. 

    Glossy photo prints are the more popular choice. These are our standard photo prints, and feature a smoother, sleeker and shinier finish that brings photos to life in stunning detail and vibrant colour. Lustre photo prints are slightly more subtle, offering similar details and colour to a full gloss print, but without any reflective glare or smudgy fingerprint marks. 

    Whether you’re framing, scrapbooking or sharing your prints, there are advantages to both photo printing styles here. 

    Can I order photos straight from my phone?

    Of course! Ordering photo prints from your phone, tablet or computer is super-duper easy. You can quickly upload photos straight from your camera roll, or even add photos directly from your Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts! 

    Photo printing is even easier on our mobile app, which is now available to download on both iOS and Android. This is the fastest, easiest way for you to print all the amazing photos you’ve got saved on your phone - and you can get 10% off your first app order by using code APP10 at the checkout!

    Can I add a border to my photos before I print?

    No, most photo print sizes don’t include a border, and you aren’t able to add borders when ordering your prints. However, 7x5” photo prints which are collected in-store (and not home delivered) may come with a white border by default. 

    Can I edit my photos before ordering?

    Yes, you can crop photos and change the photo orientation directly in our online photo printing builder. All other edits (such as adding filters, turning photos black & white, and adding effects) would all need to be done before you upload your photos, as our printing builder is unable to make these edits for you. 

    Can I add text or clip art to my images?

    You can add custom text to retro photo prints and framed photo prints, but this isn’t an option for any of our other standard photo prints. Adding clip art animations also isn’t an option in our photo printing builder, so these would need to be added to your photos separately before you upload them online. 

    When will I receive my photos after my order?

    You can choose your delivery/collection method during the checkout process. Standard photo prints (6x4”, 7x5”, 8x6”, 10x8”, 12x8”) can be collected in-store just 20 minutes after ordering online or delivered the next working day if ordered before 12pm. 

    However, delivery and collection times vary between photo print styles and sizes. For example, retro photo prints can be either home delivered or collected in-store within 5 working days, whereas small photo prints (such as wallet and locket prints) are available for 20-minute Click & Collect. 

    Specific delivery/collection information is displayed clearly on each individual photo print page, so please double-check the available options when choosing the perfect photo printing options.