christmas gift guide 2023

Be honest, you totally deserve to have a fairy tale Christmas this year. 

We’re talking delicious roast turkeys, ugly festive jumpers, Mariah Carey at full blast and, of course, wrapping up perfect Christmas gifts for all your friends and family. 

Since finding such unique, thoughtful and magical gifts can be a little tricky, we’ve picked out the best personalised Christmas gifts for everyone on your nice list. 

Yep, now your Christmas shopping will be easier than bibbidi-bobbodi-boo! 

1. For Mum & Dad: this collage canvas print

collage canvas print with family photoscollage canvas print with family photos

2023 has been filled with all kinds of happy family adventures. From your sunny summer holiday to that rainy afternoon at the zoo, hopefully you caught all the best bits on camera. 

To really surprise Mum and Dad this Christmas, supersize all of those big smiles and happy family moments on a collage canvas print that instantly brightens their walls.  

2. For kids: this Christmas Eve box

engraved wooden christmas eve boxengraved wooden christmas eve box

SANTA’S COMING! When the kids are getting giddier by the minute, treat them to a personalised Christmas Eve box that’s filled with all kinds of festive goodies. Sweets, chocolate, pyjamas, “Elf” on DVD… the possibilities are endless. 

The box will arrive with your child’s name engraved on the lid, ready for you to fill up with all kinds of magical surprises.

3. For grandparents: this wooden photo block

wooden photo blockwooden photo block

Let’s face it, Grandma and Grandad only want one thing for Christmas: adorable photos of the grandkids. 

Since their walls are probably packed with framed photos already, try printing the grandkids’ adorable little faces on these handy wooden photo blocks instead. They stand up all by themselves, so they’re super-easy to display on bookshelves, mantelpieces and all around the home without any hanging or framing involved. 

4. For your partner: this heart photo crystal 

heart photo crystal engraved with a couples photoheart photo crystal engraved with a couples photo

Gift-giving level: ELITE. This heart photo crystal ticks all the right boxes. 

It makes your partner feel super-special, shows you love ‘em to bits AND preserves their favourite photo forever and ever. Oh, and it looks absolutely stunning with one of these awesome light stands

Whether it’s a photo from your wedding day or a funny selfie together, just imagine their face when they unwrap a beautiful crystal that’s got their fave photo on it! A 10/10 gift. 

5. For pet lovers: this sequin photo cushion

sequin photo cushion with a pet photosequin photo cushion with a pet photo

Aww, so cute! They love nothing more than cuddles with the dog, cat or other adorable furry friends, so print their cute smushy faces on a sequin photo cushion they can cosy up to whenever they like. 

We reckon you should wrap up this soft and snuggly cushion with the sequins down, then watch their face light up as they brush the sequins up and reveal their pet’s adorable little face! Nailed it. 

6. For your bestie: this engraved glassware

engraved pint glass and wine glassengraved pint glass and wine glass

You love a cheeky tipple together, so treat your friends to what’s about to become their new favourite glass. Whether they’re into wine, beer, gin, whisky or even a drop of bubbly, it’s really easy to personalise the perfect glass with an engraved message. 

Say “You’re the best friend ever”, “It’s gin o’clock… AGAIN” or simply add their name (or funny nickname) to create a glass they’ll always reach for. Oooh, you could totally get a pair of matching glasses so you both have one. Just sayin’. 

7. For family chefs & foodies: this funny photo apron

photo apron with a family photo on itphoto apron with a family photo on it

Mmmm, it’s almost time for *perfect* pigs in blankets and mouth-watering roasties. Christmas is always a good time for foodies, so surprise them with a funny photo apron that shows off their favourite faces, places or funniest-ever cooking fails - last year’s burnt turkey, we’re looking at you. 

Even if they’re the messiest cook in the whole wide world (but won’t admit it), this handy apron will protect them from all the inevitable splatter and stains!

8. For your secret Santa: this magic photo mug

Oh no. The office secret Santa has been drawn, and you’ve got absolutely no idea what to get your colleague. Typical. 

Not to worry, just print a funny photo on this heat-sensitive magic mug to create a gift that gets big laughs. It could be a silly work photo, an inside joke, or one of the many, many cat pictures they show you on a daily basis. 

Whatever it is, rack your brains for a funny idea, create your mug online, and wait for the laughs when the photo is revealed next time they brew up! 

9. For the whole family: this family planner calendar

family planner calendarfamily planner calendar

Appointments. School holidays. The kids’ ridiculously busy social calendar. 2024 promises to be just as busy and chaotic as usual, so this handy family planner calendar helps keep everyone super-organised. 

Made for families of up to six people, this calendar makes it super-easy to see who’s doing what and when. Everyone gets a separate column for their own schedule, so you can finally stop trying to squeeze six different things onto one line. Phew. 

Even better, personalise this calendar with a different family photo every month to raise smiles 365 days a year! 

10. For the house proud: this show-stealing metal print

metal photo printmetal photo print

You know who we’re talking about here. This unique, modern and unusual metal print is the perfect gift for that person who’s ALWAYS buying new stuff for their home. 

They just absolutely love home decorating, and printing photos on aluminium is the latest decor trend they can totally get behind. Metal prints are super-thin, super-shiny and super-premium, and elegantly bring photos to life in vivid colour and outstanding detail.

Yeah, we think they’re gonna like one of these. 

11. For the worker bees: this 2024 photo diary

photo diary with a dog photo on the coverphoto diary with a dog photo on the cover

Aaaaah! The meetings, events and to-do lists just never seem to end, so this 2024 photo diary will help to organise their nine-to-five. 

While they’ll obviously love seeing their favourite photo on the front cover (who wouldn’t?), it’s the inside of the book they’ll find super-duper useful. They’ll get a separate page for every day of the year, along with space for hourly schedules and handy coloured tabs for every month. 

A gift they’ll literally use every single day? Fair to say you’ve won Christmas, to be honest. 

12. For someone who has everything: this hardcover photo book 

hardcover photo bookhardcover photo book

Ugh. Some people just seem to “have everything” already, and they’re absolutely impossible to buy for. It’s a good job we’ve already got all these gift ideas for someone who has everything, then. 

Top of our list is this blank hardcover photo book, simply because there’s absolutely NO CHANCE they’ve got one of these. Whether you’re following a theme or simply using their favourite old family photos, you’ve got the creative freedom to make a photo book that’s completely unlike any other. 

Play around with layouts, add cute little illustrations, write funny captions, add extra pages, and do a zillion other things to wrap up a gift they 100000000% don’t already have. 


Whisper it quietly: Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve got loads of presents to buy! Explore our full selection of personalised Christmas gifts to find even more ideas for everyone on your nice list.