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Making a masterpiece? Upgrade your photo book to a premium glossy finish or add extra pages!
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Let’s create a page-turner unlike any other. This travel-themed hardcover photo book is the perfect way to relive those gorgeous views, scorching beaches or any other special holiday stories you want to tell. Go on, give the gift of memories or personalise a masterpiece for your own bookshelf!

  • Start your photo book with a travel theme, ready-made with sunny holiday backgrounds and details!
  • Personalise your photo book with a huge selection of other layouts, backgrounds and fun scrapbook elements
  • Premium gloss-laminated hardcover and spine can be customised
  • 20 pages included as standard, up to 150 pages maximum. Every 2 extra pages cost £1 for small books, £1.50 for medium and £2 for large
  • Upgrade all pages to premium gloss paper, this costs an extra £4 for small books, £6 for medium and £9 for large
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Theme Travel Theme
Cover Type Hardcover
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Showcase your favourite panoramic views and smiling, sun-soaked faces with a special holiday photo book

Nice work, you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect way to showcase your most precious memories. There are probably mountains of holiday photos sitting on your phone or computer, but adding them to this personalised photo book is easy-peasy online. Huh, it’s no surprise that so many people love making these.

This fun travel theme comes filled with a great selection of ready-made backgrounds and scrapbook-style art, but you can still customise everything from the layout and fonts to the fun little scrapbook animations you’d like to include. Hey, these are your precious memories, so you can tinker and tweak things until you’ve created your very own personalised masterpiece!

Don’t worry if you’re short on time, you can create a thoughtful page-turner in just a matter of moments. Simply drag and drop your photos into our ready-made layout, and you’ll soon have a beautiful book of holiday memories that’s bound to spruce up any coffee table or bookshelf. Zero fuss, so you can soon get back to booking your next adventure!

Printed in stunning quality and featuring a premium hardback cover, you can add more pages, upgrade the paper and flick through your treasured memories for years to come. Explore our full range of personalised photo books to find other ways to showcase those happy snaps of yours!

Hardcover photo book size guide

Small square 15x15 cm (6x6"") - Small landscape 20x15 cm (8x6"") - approx A5 - Medium square 20x20 cm (8x8"") - Medium landscape 27x20 cm (11x8"") - approx A4 - Medium portrait 20x27 cm (8x11"") - approx A4 - Large square 29x29 cm (11x11"") - Large landscape 38x29 cm (15.5x11"") - approx A3

You’ll love crafting your own photo books

Upgrade to a premium glossy finish

Give your photo book a more polished, professional and premium feel. 

Add extras pages to your masterpiece

Every book comes with 20 pages included, but you can add up to 130 pages!

Sizes for all your amazing stories

From small square books to large landscape books, find the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photo book?

Photo books are a great way to save, share and show off your most cherished memories. Whether it’s a sunny family holiday, magical wedding day, or simply a collection of the best snaps on your phone, your own personalised photo book can tell any story you want it to tell. The page is yours. 

In fact, we offer ready-made themes for wedding photo books, holiday photo books, baby photo books and much more. These come pre-filled with cute animations and backgrounds, so you’ll simply need to add your photos to make something special!

Since they’re so easy to create and offer such a premium way to display your photos, it’s not hard to see why photo books have become so popular. They aren’t just a great way to hold on to your favourite snaps, but you can also transform those blank pages into a unique, thoughtful and fun gift for your loved ones. 

How many pages can my photo book have?

For our hardcover photo books, the maximum number of pages you can include is 150, while softcover photo books are limited to 100 pages. You’ll always receive 20 pages in the standard price, but additional pages will cost extra (depending on the size of the photo book you’ve chosen). 

Can I change the theme, size or finish of an existing photo book project?

You can upgrade your photo books to a glossy finish at any point in the creation process, simply click “Change Product” and select your chosen finish.  

However, there is currently no way for you to switch themes, sizes or orientation once you’ve started your book, so you’d need to start a brand-new photo book if you want to change these things. 

How many photos can I have on each page?

There’s a huge range of page layouts for you to choose from, all offering different ways to display your favourite snaps. You can choose the shape and size of your photos, and also decide how many to display on a page (from 1 all the way up to 25). 

It’s even possible to have a single photo span across two pages, which is an elegant, stylish way to show off your very best photo. 

Can I add text, effects and animations to my photo book?

Yes! You can add text captions on as many pages as you like (including the cover and hardcover spines) and choose from a massive selection of font styles. 

To play around with effects and animations, simply enter “Advanced Editing” mode and you’ll have the freedom to edit your photos in detail. You can tweak everything from opacity and shadows to borders and special effects, while you can easily fill your pages with scrapbook-style illustrations to suit your theme! 

Why do I need a Max Spielmann account to create photo books?

Before you start creating any photo books, you’ll be asked to either sign in or create an account, as this allows you to save your photo book and finish it at a later date. Since you’ll probably want to spend some time perfecting your masterpiece, we ask you to sign in to make sure you can always save your photo book and don’t risk losing all the progress you’ve made!

Simply sign in to your account before you get started, click “Save” when creating, name your project, and then come back to it when you’re ready to add more. You can also preview your book before purchasing.