8 creative photo calendar ideas to start 2024

Another year, another million birthdays, appointments, events and other things to remember. Sigh.

Instead of getting lost in the whirlwind, organising the chaos is way more fun with a personalised calendar packed with your favourite smiles and memories. Hey, nobody wants to scribble down to-do’s in a boring calendar anymore, right?

Since you’ll be looking at it all year long, we’ve come up with our best photo calendar design ideas to get you inspired for 2024. Don’t worry, they’re all REALLY easy to make yourself!

1. Enjoy 365 days of summer holidays

Goodbye forever, dreary winter months! Fill a photo calendar with your sunniest snaps and relive your summer adventures every single month. Oh yes, this could be your neverending summer right here.

It might be dark and dull outside some days, but those memorable afternoons at the beach and sun-drenched holidays abroad will always brighten your day.


2. Turn adorable pets into calendar stars

Let’s be honest, your camera roll is jam-packed with cute photos of the dog, cat or any other furry friend you might have. Instead of leaving them trapped on your phone screen, their smushy, cuddly faces are the perfect way to start each month!

From playing with toys to being so naughty you can’t help but laugh, pets always do the funniest things. Catch these moments on camera and your amazing photo calendar is in serious business.


3. Raise smiles with your funniest family photos

Dad’s silliest faces. Mum’s dodgy teenage hairdos. Crying kids ruining the perfect family when they should be saying “cheese”. You’ve collected all kinds of hilarious family photos over the years, so add them to a photo calendar and get a good laugh every day!
Your parents, kids, siblings, and other family members might want to forget these embarrassing photos forever. But you definitely can’t let that happen.


4. Keep hold of the kids’ cutest drawings and artwork

They don’t just look great stuck on the fridge, your children’s most colourful drawings will also make a super-fun calendar. You’ll just need to simply scan their pictures to get started, although the hardest part might be choosing which of their million scribbles to include!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple paint handprint, a cute monster sketch, or a badly coloured-in drawing of the family, these adorable pictures will make you smile all year round.


5. Show off your favourite recipes

Mmm, something smells good! Since you’re such a whizz in the kitchen, design a photo calendar with snaps of your very best dishes.

It might be a delicious lasagne, a mouth-watering roast, or a shepherd’s pie that you insist is the BEST on the planet. Just remember to take a photo of your culinary masterpieces before attacking them with your knife and fork. Yum yum yum.


6. Recreate old family photos

Some childhood photos are just too good to be forgotten. You know the ones: they’ve been sitting on Grandma’s wall or Dad’s old photo albums for years, but they never fail to make the whole family laugh.

Whether they involve funny outfits, silly faces, or strange poses that seem impossible to replicate, try recreating these famous old photos and then gift them as a calendar the family will love!


7. Keep track of the little one’s milestone moments

Aww, they grow up so fast. It’s been a big year for the little ones, so make a photo calendar with their most memorable moments and show just how much they’ve grown.

There’s a good chance you’ve got photos of their first day at school, sunniest summer adventures, and everything else you’ll need already. Whether they’re 1 or 10 years old, now you can spend the whole of next year looking back at how far they’ve come!


8. Play around with seasonal scenery, props and costumes

Every great calendar has at least some kind of seasonal theme. Your phone might be jam-packed with wintry walks, sunny holidays or the dog dressed in an adorable Halloween costume - which are, of course, all straight-up photo calendar gold.

Even if you don’t have a photo for every season, it’s always nice to match your photos to your calendar month when possible. Huh, a Christmas selfie in March really wouldn’t make much sense at all.