The 20 best wedding gift ideas

Stumped on what to buy for a wedding gift? Whilst it’s pretty easy to just look at the couple’s registry (if they have one!), perhaps you want to get something that really leaves a lasting impression. Plus, if you’re on a budget, then a personalised gift is the way to go. 

Whether the bride or groom is your best friend, or you want to find something you know they’ll find useful as a newlywed couple, then our round-up of the 20 best wedding gift ideas is bound to inspire you!


1. Personalised wedding gifts for couples

2. Useful wedding gifts for couples

3. Best friend wedding gift ideas

Personalised wedding gifts for couples

Personalised gifts make the absolute best wedding presents. After all, a unique and sentimental touch to the couple's big day will always leave a longer-lasting impression than something you simply picked off the registry. 

Simply choose one of our recommended personalised wedding gifts for couples below, then customise them with a photo, names, dates or a personalised message and get them printed the same day (or delivered the next day for ones that need a bit more TLC on our side).

1. Framed wall art

Framed wall art of a beautiful moment is always bound to impress. We’d recommend picking a gorgeous photo of the couple, or a moment the group of you have shared together. Our high-quality glossy photo print displayed within a frame of your choice can be hung on a wall or stood up on a shelf, bedside table, desk and the like.

2. Personalised photo blocks

Want something similar to framed wall art, but on a smaller scale with a premium feel? Our personalised photo blocks are perfect for displaying those beautiful moments. It can be propped up on any flat surface where you want it as the centrepiece.

Plus, if you have lots of wonderful moments with the couple - why not choose one of the collage image photo blocks to display up to 12 photos!?

3. Heart photo slate

See cherished family moments, enchanting wedding memories, and joyful selfies come alive with a personalised heart photo slate. Our heart photo slates are crafted from genuine slate, and adorned with rustic chiselled edges - which adds a rustic yet contemporary touch to their home.

Embrace a one-of-a-kind approach to showcasing your beloved photos. Want a different shape? Check out the rest of our photo slate range for all shapes and sizes.

4. Engraved champagne flute

Champagne is synonymous with all celebratory events - especially weddings! If the newlyweds love a tipple, then our personalised engraved champagne flutes will make for the perfect gift. Simply type your message into our customisation tool and pick from a variety of fonts you know the couple will appreciate, and then we’ll engrave it directly onto the exquisite champagne flute - we engrave exactly what you enter online, so triple-check any typos before ordering!

5. 3D heart photo crystal

An engraved 3D heart photo crystal makes for a perfect wedding gift idea. Not only is it all about the sentimentality it brings to the table, but the heart shape represents love and affection -  just what a newlywed couple needs to start their journey together. When you add a photo of the newlywed couple, the crystal becomes an extra-special keepsake that will remind them of their big day and the love they’ll share forever and ever.

Want some more photo crystal ideas? Check out the rest of our 3D photo crystals which come in all different shapes, sizes and densities.

6. Slim canvas photo prints

Brighten up the newlyweds' home with a personalised wedding gift in the form of a slim canvas photo print that's sure to bring smiles to their faces! Personalise one of our slim canvases with a photo of the couple, a cheery family photo, adorable pet pics, or any other happy moments that’ll warm their hearts. With stunning HD quality and hand-stretched over a slim 1.8cm wooden frame, their cherished memories will be beautifully preserved.

Plus, it's super easy to get started, just upload photos from your phone or computer, choose the orientation, and add finishing touches to create your very own masterpiece. It'll arrive in a specially-constructed box, ready to hang, lean, or stick straight to the wall! Cheers to love and happiness with this heartwarming and personalised wedding gift idea!

7. Aluminium photo prints

If you're looking for a luxurious gift idea, consider one of our aluminium photo prints. A modern and sophisticated choice that’s bound to impress, our prints are expertly placed on stable, durable, and scratch-resistant ChromaLuxe aluminium panels, making them perfect for contemporary home decor or as a premium wedding gift option.

Its lustre is like no other for preserving precious memories, so look no further than our eye-catching aluminium prints to create a wonderful gift that will be cherished by the lovely couple.

8. High gloss photo panels

Capture those special wedding moments, the day they said I do or that favourite group holiday photo and print it on a personalised high gloss photo panel!  Printed on thick and sturdy MDF panels, the couple’s cherished memories will be coated with an extra glossy finish, bringing those memories to life like never before.

The stunning high gloss coating adds depth, clarity, and intricate details to their favourite photos, making them stand out and brighten up their living space. It’s one of the best wedding gifts on the list if you’re looking to impress with something truly high quality and striking.

Useful wedding gifts for couples

Some of the best wedding gifts are practical ones - particularly if the couple has everything. These wedding gift ideas can be used to decorate a home, add comfort, act as storage and much more.

1. Personalised cushions

Snuggle up and get comfy with one of our personalised photo cushions that couples will wanna decorate their favourite home spaces with! With these cosy cushions, you'll never run out of cuddles, and it's perfect for those cherished photos of happy memories, the couple on their special day, or anything else you want to snuggle up to. Simply add their treasured photos, and we'll print them on the cushions, creating seriously snuggly goodness.

Explore our soft and cosy selection of personalised photo cushions, choose your desired size and customise a truly squidgy gift that is perfect for any occasion.

2. Personalised keyrings

Want the newlyweds to keep their treasured memories close at hand? Our personalised photo keyrings will bring a smile to the newlyweds' faces every single day. Take your pick from our extensive range of personalised keyrings, and print a thoughtful gift that's bound to hold the key to their heart!

The best part? Most of our photo keyrings are double-sided, meaning double the photo fun. If that's not enough, then you can couple your photo keyring with our full selection of personalised gifts for weddings, where you can match your keyring with personalised mugs, photo blocks, personalised cushions, and much more.

3. Photo bags

Their weekly supermarket shop just got a whole lot more enjoyable with our top-notch gift idea - personalised photo bags! They're not just great for carrying shopping, but also perfect for day trips out and cute dates which proudly display their favourite photo. Whether you choose a canvas, jute, or tote photo bag, simply add a photo of the newlywed couple or a happy group selfie and you've got yourself a special wedding gift to give on the big day.

Our personalised photo bags are not only practical and fun, but they also radiate charm and uniqueness. With a treasured snap on display, be ready for envious glances from other shoppers at the checkout. It's a fabulous wedding gift idea that's bound to impress the happy couple and add some extra flair to their everyday adventures.

4. Chopping boards

Get the newlyweds ready to cook up some fun in the kitchen with our personalised chopping boards. Whether you go for engraved wood with a special message or opt for glass adorned with their favourite photo, slicing and dicing just got way more fun. If the couple deems them too pretty, our personalised chopping boards can also be used as serving or cheese boards.

5. Personalised blankets

Nothing is more romantic and cosy than getting wrapped up in a blanket printed with their happiest memories. Our personalised photo blankets and beach towels make for the best wedding gift ideas - especially if they’re off on their honeymoon straight away!

Their treasured pictures will be beautifully printed on a soft and comfy fleece material, which can be used as cuddles during the winter or a reserved spot on your sun lounger in a warm honeymoon destination. Choose from a range of lovely colours, add a photo and print! It’s perfect for any practical newlywed couple to celebrate their love story!

6. Photo coasters

If the newlyweds like their mugs on coasters - then what better wedding gift than a set of personalised photo coasters to bring a smile to their face every time they take a sip? Our selection of personalised photo coasters and photo placemats offers something special for every table. Elevate the joy and sentimental value of mealtimes with these delightful and personalised additions to any newlywed couple's home!

7. Photo clock

Spruce up the lovebirds' home with a wonderfully personalised photo clock that’ll bring a smile to their faces with every tick and tock. Whether they want to decorate their love nest or create a heartfelt gift for someone special, it's a piece of cake to make something truly extraordinary that'll light up the room and warm everyone's hearts.

And hey, if they're looking to add even more joy and love to their home or office, they can explore our full selection of personalised photo gifts and find loads of other fabulous ways to display their happiest memories. It's the perfect gift idea that'll make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, celebrating their love and precious moments for years to come!

8. Wooden hanger

Let's add some pizazz to their wardrobe with the most delightful wedding gift idea - personalised wooden hangers! You know how there are those special items in your wardrobe that you absolutely adore - their favourite dress, the cosiest jumper, or the smartest shirt? Well, imagine them hanging on these one-of-a-kind engraved wooden hangers.

These stunning oak hangers aren't just a thoughtful gift for weddings, but they are also the perfect way to brighten up and organise their wardrobe. 

Made with love and built to last, these personalised wooden hangers can carry any name or message (up to 2 lines), so you can get creative and make them "his & hers," "John’s fave suit" "Jane’s out-out dress," Really wow the newlyweds with this practical yet heartwarming wedding gift!

9. Personalised phone cases

A personalised phone case… As a wedding gift idea!? You bet. Think about it - phones are the most used devices day in and day out, so a couple that loves practicality will absolutely adore you for this, especially if it’s printed with their favourite memories!

Whether they have an iPhone, Samsung or Google Pixel Android that's been through it all, we've got the perfect personalised phone cases to choose from. Just pick their phone model, and upload your best snaps from your camera roll. It's such a fun and thoughtful way to keep cherished memories, plus, it's the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple to add some extra joy and personality to their everyday.

Best friend wedding gift ideas

Is your bestie getting married? Then we’ve got some pretty fun ideas you can gift them to make their day (and the days to come) truly special.

1. Studio photoshoot

Giving your best friend a studio photoshoot package as a wedding gift is like adding a sprinkle of magic to their already amazing day. Plus, it's a gift that will keep on giving because those captured moments will be cherished forever.

Imagine all the crazy and heartwarming memories they'll create, and a pro photographer here at Max Spielmann will be there to snap it all - from in-jokes to heart-warming moments.

This gift is not only a little different, but it’s the perfect way to show how much you care, and it'll leave your bestie who’s about to wed with a treasure trove of memories to hold onto forever.

2. Instax

Imagine all of the Insta-fun your bestie will have when you gift them an Instax camera for their upcoming wedding! They'll be snapping away all the laughter, love, and crazy moments during their big day. No waiting, no filters, just fun retro-style moments popping out of the camera.

And you know what's even cooler? This funky little gadget will make their wedding reception a blast as everyone goes snap-happy and captures those moments to cherish for a lifetime. It’s kind of like two gifts in one - they can create an epic photo album on the spot and can refill it with Instax camera film for future fun memories.

So, go ahead and make their wedding day Instax-tastic with this gift that'll keep the fun rolling for years to come.

3. Photo book

One of the best wedding gifts has to be one of our photo books filled with fun moments together - including their “OMG, we’re engaged” photos!

This gift will be their all-in-one treasure chest of memories they can keep forever and flick back through when they want to reminisce on the good times you’ve had together. Plus, before you gift the photo book, why not jazz it up with some funny captions, silly stickers, and doodles that'll make them laugh every time they flip through it?

No matter what - this wedding gift will make them shed happy tears when they open it and dive into a whirlwind of nostalgia.

We hope we’ve given you tons of inspiration on some of the best wedding gift ideas out there.  Whether it's a heartfelt photo album or a delicately engraved 3D photo crystal, you've got plenty of fantastic ideas to choose from! And when it's time to bring those memories to life, there's no better place for personalised gifts than Max Spielmann. Check out our blog for more inspiring ideas and shop the rest of our online range and enjoy same-day pick-up or fast delivery to your door.