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Our photo booth is a state-of-the-art booth with amazing features all designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get your passport photos and other ID pictures including visa photos and passes easily, wherever you are in the UK.

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Why choose Max for your passport photos?

Digital passport photo within a few seconds
Professional service
Over 1,000,000 people have used our photobooth services within 7 years.
Guarantee of acceptance
Satisfaction guarantee
Take up to 10 photo shots

Passport Photo Requirements

In order for your passport photos to be accepted when you apply for a new passport or passport renewal, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Each passport photo must measure 4.5cm (45mm) high and 3.5cm (35mm) wide
  • Photos must focused, clear and to a high, professional standard
  • In full colour on a white or high coloured background (with no border)
  • Photos must not have tears or creases
  • Unless your passport photos needs to be countersigned, they must not be marked on either side
  • Your eyes must be open, visible and not have your hair obscuring them. Your photo must also not have ‘red eye’
  • There must be no other objects or people in your passport photos
  • There must be no shadows behind you or on your face in the photos, however there should be a clear contrast to the background
  • Passport photo must show your face looking straight on
  • You must display a plain expression with your mouth closed

Find a passport photo booth near me

If you're wondering where to get your passport photo taken, Max Spielmann has got you covered. We have 100s of photo booth locations across the UK meaning you are sure to find one to visit at your convenience. Simply find your nearest photobooth using our store finder and pop in for a friendly service!

Visa photos and international passport photos for different countries

Each country has its own requirements for passport photos (and green card for the US), including specific sizing, background colour and number of photos to be submitted. At Max Spielman, we are experienced and able to take passport photos and visa photos for over 140 countries. If you are not sure, visit Max Spielmann where one of our friendly colleagues can assist you in taking the perfect photos for your passport and visas. There are many of our photo booths around the country so use our storefinder to find the nearest one to you.

What type of photos can our photo booths take?

Our Booths are able to produce:
- UK Passports (including code)
- English, Scotland & Wales Drivers Licence
- Northern Ireland Drivers Licence (including code)
- US Visa
- Brazil Passport & Visa
- Canada Visa
- Indian Passport
- Ireland Passport
- Italian Passport
- Kenya Passport & Visa
- Netherlands Passport
- New Zealand Passport & Visa
- Pakistan Passport
- Poland Passport
- Schengen Visa
- South Africa Passport & Visa
- Bus Pass
- Rail Pass
- Other ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a digital ID photo code?

Yes we offer digital ID photo codes for UK passports if required.

How long do passport photos take?

We can take and print your pass photos in minutes!

Can you help me complete the whole passport application?

Some of our stores offer our Apply and Go service where we can complete the whole passport application process or passport renewal in-store while you wait. Currently this is available for UK passport applications and renewals only.

Do I need to know the latest passport photo regulations?

No, we have a database of all current passport photo requirements for most countries.

Does the Photo Booth do digital ID codes?

Yes we offer online codes for UK Passport & Northern Ireland Drivers Licence Applications.

What are the codes for?

The code is used when applying for a UK Passport or Northern Ireland Drivers Licence, when filling out the online application it will ask for the code. Simply pop it in and your Photo will be automatically added to your application.

How long does the code last?

The codes will be stored on a secure vault for 30 days. After this the photo will be deleted and the code will be invalid.

How long do passport photos take?

Using the Photo Booth is easy and will only take a few minutes.

Are my passport photos and visa photos guaranteed?

All our passport photos and ID photos are fully guaranteed.

What checks do you do to ensure my passport photo will pass?

All booths have a biometric checker installed to check every image.

Can you take a visa photo?

Yes we offer lots of visa photo options and can custom make an ID photo to the exact requirements required.

Do I have to pay by cash only?

No you can also pay by chip & pin, Contactless, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Can the booths take baby passport photos?

Unfortunately the Photo booths cannot do Baby pictures, but please visit one of our fabulous Max Spielmann branches & one of our experienced colleagues will be able to assist.

Can I wear glasses in the booth?

We would recommend you remove your glasses when having you photo taken in a booth, a UK Passport could fail if there is any glare or the eyes cannot be seen clearly.

Is the process secure?

Yes we follow all current GDPR requirements for protecting your data.

Can I get a digital copy of the image?

Yes on all of our Passports & Visa Photos we offer a digital copy of the picture to be emailed to yourself.

All our photo booths:

  • Provide a code for you to upload your digital passport photo automatically into your online HMPO UK passport application in addition to the printed copy
  • Require no seat adjustment or camera adjustment, automatically focussing the camera for you
  • Are accessible for wheelchair users
  • Takes cash or card including chip and pin, contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Have audio and visual instructions with a choice of 6 languages, including Welsh
  • Provide an option to email your digital photo for free
  • Have remote support so if you are stuck, just give us a call!

Our industry-leading photo booths for businesses and retailers are available for installation throughout the UK and Ireland. They just need power and use our own 3G/4G connectivity. The typical footprint of a booth is 195h x 170w x 89d or 150w for our smaller, non-wheelchair accessible booth. Please contact us if you would like further information.

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