Passport Photo Service by Max Spielmann

Max Photo can take your passport photos in minutes using our hassle free, guaranteed service. We put our years of experience into training our colleagues so you can trust us with taking passport photos for UK passport applications. We know how important it is to get your passport photo just right, so we will ensure it meets Passport Office (HMPO) specifications. Our passport photos are suitable for UK biometric (e-Passport) passports and the HMPO online service for applications and renewals. We provide you with a print copy, digital copy and photo code which can be used to upload your photo straight into your online passport application on the website.

We also provide photos which meet the requirements for a range of photo ID including driving licence, bus passes, railcards, student cards, season tickets, green card, and many others! Unlike many photo booths, we take as many photos as you need to ensure you are completely satisfied before they are printed - at no additional cost! In addition to providing ID photos for applications in the UK, all of our branches are able to provide you with photos for International Passports and visas. Currently, we can provide you with passport and visa photos for over 140 countries.

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Apply and Go - Let Us Help You Complete Your Passport Application

For peace of mind at a great price, remove the hassle of applying for your passport by using our ‘Apply and Go’ service. Visit one of our shops and our expert colleagues will guide you through the entire process - from taking your perfect passport photo to completing your application form securely online, ensuring you get it right first time. All you need to do is bring your old passport along with you. Find out what you documents you require for your application here.

Use our store finder to locate which our 400 nationwide branches is closest to you to have your passport photo taken by one of our photo experts. In order to assist you with your passport renewal, please bring your current passport in to your local Max Spielmann so we can send off your passport securely to complete your application successfully. As our passport photos are electronically checked with Her Majesty’s Passport Office, our hassle-free Apply and Go service saves you time as we do all the leg work, plus your new passport will be delivered directly to your address. And we are cheaper than the Post Office too!

Digital Passport Photo for Passport Renewal

All of our shops are able to provide you with a digital photo and unique photo code. When applying for your passport online, simply enter the photo code in your online application and your passport photo will be uploaded immediately. Each digital passport photo that we take is uploaded safely onto a secure server. The unique photo code that we will provide you with allows HMPO to retrieve your photo from our secure server. It is very important that your digital passport photo meets the strict specifications that Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) set. All of our colleagues are trained to ensure that your passport photo will pass first time.

Wheelchair Friendly Services by Max Spielmann

Please use our store finder above to find one of our wheelchair accessible photo ID booths in various locations to get yours printed today. We've made it simple for wheelchair users to get their passport photos and photo ID printed with our easily accessible photo booths. Our photo booth is a state-of-the-art booth with amazing features all designed to make it as straight forward  as possible for you to get your passport photos and other ID pictures including visa photos and passes easily, wherever you are in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of passport photo and ID photos can you take?

We can take all types of passport and ID photos including visas for different countries, driving licence, travel passes and much more.

How much is it?

For standard passport photo and ID types prices start at £10.99. For visas prices start at £14.99.

Do you take baby passport photos?

Yes we specialise in and take baby passport photos and visas too.

Can I get a digital ID photo code?

Yes we offer digital ID photo codes for UK passports if required.

What if my passport photo is rejected?

Don't worry, we will retake your passport photo for free.

Can I wear makeup on my passport photo?

Yes, you can wear makeup.

Do you offer digital copies of my passport photos?

Yes, you can choose to get your photos onto a USB or by email (may incur a cost).

Do I need to book an appointment for a passport photo?

No, you can pop into any of our stores and get your passport photo take straight away.

Can you edit or enhance my passport photo?

Passport photos must not have been manipulated or edited by computer software.

How long do passport photos take?

We can take and print your passport photos in minutes!

Can you take a visa photo?

Yes we offer lots of visa photo options and can custom make an ID photo to the exact requirements required.

Can I wear glasses in my passport photo?

It is fine to wear glasses providing they are not sunglasses or tinted, however there must be no glare and your eyes are fully visible

Can I wear my hair up or cover it?

You can wear your hair up but unless for religious or medical reasons, your hair must not be covered.

Are my passport photos and visa photos guaranteed?

All of our passport photos and ID photos are fully guaranteed and we will retake free of charge or refund if needed.

Do you offer a driving licence photo service?

Yes we do, visit one of our local branches today.

What if I don't like the passport photo?

We will take as many photos as you need to get your perfect ID or passport photo.

Are your photo booths accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, we have more photo booths now that are easily accessible for wheelchair users. Please click here to search for one near you.


Passport Photo Requirements

In order for your passport photos to be accepted when you apply for a new passport or passport renewal, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Each individual passport photo must measure 4.5cm (45mm) high and 3.5cm (35mm) wide
  • Photos must focused, clear and to a high, professional standard
  • In full colour on a white or high coloured background (with no border)
  • Photos must not have tears or creases
  • Unless your passport photos needs to be countersigned, they must not be marked on either side
  • Photos must not have been manipulated or edited by computer software
  • Your passport photo must be a close up of your head and upper shoulders, not cut out of a larger photo
  • Your eyes must be open, visible and not have your hair obscuring them. Your photo must also not have ‘red eye’
  • There must be no other objects or people in your passport photos
  • Unless for religious/medical reasons your hair must not be covered
  • There must be no shadows behind you or on your face in the photos, however there should be a clear contrast to the background
  • Passport photo must show your face looking straight on
  • You must display a plain expression with your mouth closed
  • It is fine to wear glasses providing they are not sunglasses or tinted, however there must be no glare and your eyes are fully visible

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