Invitations and order of service

Whatever your printing requirements click here to find a store near you or ask for a quote for our online printing service by post. We can print all of your home printing requirements from wedding invitations to order of service.

If you're a student use our service for dissertation or thesis printing to make the most of your hard work and be sure that you submit a professional presentation.


Business cards

Visit Max or click here to get a quote online for your business printing needs. Whether you need a professionally printed and bound report for a sales pitch, some new brochures or more business cards we can help.

Our same day service in stores near you can really help when you've got a tight deadline to meet! We can also laminate your documents and print your booklets, menus, brochures and manuals.

Photocopying service and Document Scanning

We provide a quality photocopying service in colour or black & white. Whether you need just one photocopy or a long print run come into your local Max shop to find out more.

Our document scanning service provides you with a simple way to send a business copies of your documents by email. Also useful to create digital backups of your important paper records such as birth certificates, passports and driving license.



Can you make a paper document into a digital one?

We can scan your documents and save as PDF or Jpeg.

Can I send you a document in advance?

Yes all our branches have email addresses which you can use to send us your documents and printing requirements in advance.

Can you photocopy identification documents?

Yes we can copy all types of ID.

How much does busines printing cost?

Prices vary on colour options/quantities and whether it is a photocopy or document print out.

Can I send/print documents from a phone?

Yes via email, Bluetooth or WIFI.

Do you offer a laminating service?

Yes we offer A4 and A3 laminating.

Do you offer a binding service?

Yes we can bind you documents or dissertations and add a front and back cover if required (may vary store to store).

What happens to any emails or documents I send you?

They are all deleted once no longer needed to comply with current GDPR regulations.

Can you print my boarding pass?

Yes we can print all types of boarding passes in colour or black and white.

Can I print a return label?

Yes, we can also help size it to your parcel.

Can you email a document for me?

Yes we can send a document via email, we can also make a digital copy from an existing paper document.

What format does my document need to be in?

We can open many types of documents including PDFs and all Office files.

Can you print me a document which I can sign and then have email on?

Yes, we can help you through this and email to as many addresses as needed.

Can I copy a photo?

Our document printers are not really designed for photos, but we have other scanners instore which can produce photo quality copies of your originals on photographic paper.

Can I have my documents copied?

Yes no problem.

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