8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Bronze)

It may seem like your wedding day was yesterday, but just like that, it’s time to celebrate eight whole years together. You simply can’t go wrong with a personalised gift, and fortunately, that’s what we do best here at Max Spielmann.

Choose from simple photo prints that you can frame and display around your home, to canvas prints that can hang proudly on your walls. Whatever kind of couple you are, and however you choose to celebrate, there’s a gift for everyone.

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Frequently asked questions about 8th wedding anniversary gifts

What is the traditional 8-year anniversary gift?

If you like to stick with tradition, your anniversary material of choice is bronze and pottery. Why? Bronze is a combination of tin and copper - two metals that are known for becoming strong when they are paired together, just like the two of you in your marriage. What a fitting tribute to a loving, strong couple!

What is the modern 8-year anniversary gift?

For a contemporary twist, your modern 8-year anniversary materials are linen and lace. Linen reflects purity and truth, while lace represents the beauty and elegance that exists within a marriage.