4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Linen)

Celebrate four happy years together with our selection of personalised 4th wedding anniversary gifts. Whether you're buying for your husband, wife, or congratulating another happy couple, we've got unique 4th anniversary gifts for everyone right here. 

Print happy wedding photos on canvases, mugs, crystals and all kinds of other personalised 4th anniversary gifts that show you love them to bits. Find the perfect anniversary gifts below, personalise yours online, and surprise your special someone!

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Frequently asked questions about 4th wedding anniversary gifts

What is the traditional 4-year anniversary gift?

Here in the UK, the traditional gifts for a 4-year wedding anniversary are linen and silk. The silk represents the elegance and connection that exists between a married couple, while linen reflects the purity and honesty of your relationship. The perfect gift for this anniversary? Why a personalised cushion, of course! Add a unique memory or a favourite moment from your years together, and have it immortalised in snuggly, squishy form. 

What is the modern 4-year anniversary gift?

For contemporary couples, the modern gift option is a home or electrical appliance, symbolising that your relationship and home are continuing to evolve together over the years.