1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Paper)

Congratulations - you’ve officially made it to the one-year mark! A full lap around the sun together is certainly something to celebrate, so make sure you make a fuss of it. Since your special day was only 365 days ago, you can turn your favourite moments into all kinds of personalised 1st wedding anniversary gifts. 

Turn special wedding memories into photo cushions you can cuddle all the time, print them on a photo mug that brightens sleepy mornings, or display them with beautiful canvas prints and personalised wall art. Go on, spoil your other half with a unique first anniversary gift that shows just how much they mean!

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Frequently asked questions about 1st wedding anniversary gifts

What is the traditional 1-year anniversary gift?

Kicking off your first year of marriage, the traditional gift for one year together is paper. Paper is fragile - just like the early stages of a marriage - but if you look after it and give it the proper care, both will last a lifetime. The perfect gift for a one-year anniversary? Photo prints! Because they’re printed on paper, of course! There’s no better present than that of a memory; so immortalise one of your special day forever.

What is the modern 1-year anniversary gift?

If you’re more of a contemporary couple, then the modern gift for a one-year anniversary is a clock, which represents the passage of time - because this year has probably flown by! - and shows how precious time truly is.