halloween photo display ideas

“Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…”

In other words, Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to decorate your home for spooky season once again. Hooray!

While pumpkins and cobwebs are all well and good, the best (and sometimes scariest) decorations involve all the fearful faces saved on your camera roll. Shudder. 

Well, these Halloween photo display ideas help show off all your spookiest snaps around your own haunted house. 

Enter if you dare…

1. Frame your most frightful family portraits

framed halloween photo printsframed halloween photo prints

You’ve got tons of family photos saved on your phone, so give your favourites a Halloween twist to raise some big smiles (and maybe a few screams). 

There are loads of free photo editing apps out there, so it’s really easy to add spooky filters and effects to make your photos look downright terrifying. You can make the whole family look like ghosts, zombies, skeletons or vampires before you can say “boo”!

Just find an editing app you like the look of, add some fearful filters, and then frame all your petrifying portraits to create a creepy display.

2. Make a haunted photo wall with fearsome photo prints 

photo print halloween displayphoto print halloween display

You can make all kinds of creative Halloween displays with photo prints. Instead of popping them in a frame, you could stick, hang or clip your prints alongside spooky props that add a dash of fear to your photos. 

We’re talking creepy cobwebs, scary silhouettes, petrifying pumpkins or even just some eerie black and orange streamers. Even better, you could hang photo prints from the ceiling to make it look like they’re floating, or add them to string lights to create a Stranger Things vibe in your living room!

3. Turn old spooky snaps into creepy collage canvases

This probably isn’t your first Halloween, which means you’ve (hopefully) got loads of scary photos from previous years. 

From bloodthirsty vampires to wicked witches, you’ve put loads of time and effort into costumes over the years. Show them all off on a creepy collage canvas print and display it somewhere you’ll get the most screams. Mwahahaha!

4. Personalise pumpkins with family photo prints

Yep, the best pumpkin patches have got your family faces on them. Okay, so actually carving real faces is very tricky indeed, so instead you could print mini photos of each family member, stick them on your pumpkins, and then arrange a pumpkin display that shows whose is whose.

For bonus points, you could cut your photo prints into ghosts, bats or other spooky shapes! Yep, your personalised pumpkin patch will be waaaay better than everyone else’s. 

5. Print monstrous faces on petrifying posters

Gah! The kids can pull all kinds of silly and scary faces, so supersize your favourites on petrifying posters, stick them in hidden or surprising places, and make people jump as soon as they spot them. Pure, pure evil. 

Whether it’s a photo of the kids mid-scream (or tantrum), wearing ghoulish face paint or pulling the scariest face they can, these posters definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted. 

6. Start the party with bone-chilling banners

Every other Halloween party will have pics of pumpkins, witches and bats, so surprise your guests with a party banner that shows off your own scary photos instead. 

It could be a spooky family portrait, scary snaps of the kids or (our personal favourite) your adorable pets dressed up in a Halloween costume. Yes, cats dressed as pumpkins may be the cutest thing on the planet. 

Personalise your banner that says “Happy Halloween”, “Trick or Treat” or any other Halloween messaging, and get your party off to the perfect start.

7. Try a Halloween photoshoot 

To craft the perfect Halloween photo display, you’ll need the perfect Halloween photos. If you don’t have anything suitable on your camera roll, you could play around with props, costumes and backdrops to take new spooky snaps at home.

Even better, you can bring your props and costumes into your local Max Spielmann store and enjoy a professional photoshoot instead. While we don’t offer special Halloween photo booths, this is a great way to capture perfect petrifying pics this Halloween!