christmas card photo ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not just because of all the magical gifts and mouth-watering roasties. Oh no, this is your chance to send everyone a unique Christmas photo card for the ages. 

Standard Christmas cards are *yawn* kinda boring, so use a cracking family photo to make sure yours stands out on the mantelpiece. Your photo could be cute, thoughtful, or so darn hilarious it has people spitting out their eggnog.

Whether you want to make people laugh, cry or say “aww, so cute!”, we’ve come up with the best family Christmas card ideas to try this year. We’ve even got a bunch of Christmas family photoshoot ideas, too. 

This is our little gift to you. 

1. Enjoy a fun (and very messy) Christmas bake 

photo christmas card showing a family baking togetherphoto christmas card showing a family baking together

Mmmm… fresh mince pies, gingerbread men, and Christmas cookies are all on the menu this year. Get the kids involved in this year’s festive bake, wait for the inevitable flour mess, and simply catch all the kitchen chaos on camera. 

Parents and kids could wear matching aprons, smear flour on each other’s faces, or even host their own little bake-off competition. So long as the lighting in your kitchen is good, this is a super-easy family Christmas card idea (that totally leaves you with cake to eat afterwards).  

2. Pose for a phone-filled family portrait by the tree

photo christmas card showing a family on their phonesphoto christmas card showing a family on their phones

Ahh, it’s so nice when the family gets together and… spends the whole time looking at their phones. Instead of striking a traditional pose in front of the tree, take a snap of the family all glued to their devices and put together a much funnier Christmas card instead. 

This is the perfect family Christmas card idea for teenagers, capturing a typical family night in and poking a little fun at how much time everyone spends on their phones, iPads or game consoles every night. 

3. Shrink the kids down to teeny-tiny sizes 

christmas photo card showing kids on baubleschristmas photo card showing kids on baubles

“Uh-oh. Honey, I shrunk the kids”. Not to worry, at least you’ve now got the perfect family Christmas pictures. 

This Christmas card idea requires a bit of simple Photoshop wizardry. You’ll just need to cut out photos of the kids (or the whole family), shrink them down to tiny sizes, and then position them in all kinds of funny Christmas scenes and setups.

For example, the kids could be clinging to Christmas lights, dangling from the tree, carrying a huge bauble or attempting to topple over a huge Nutcracker figure. There are all kinds of possibilities here, so use your imagination!

4. Decorate the kids or parents instead of the tree

christmas photo card christmas photo card

Okay, so photos of the kids decorating the tree are always extremely cute. But that’s exactly what every other family will be doing for their Christmas card this year.

You’ll want yours to be a little different, so try covering the kids in lights and decorations instead this year. You could wrap them in string lights, put the tree topper on their head, cover them with tinsel or have baubles hanging from their ears. 

Alternatively, the kids could tie the parents up together with Christmas lights in a classic parent trap. Ohhhh, the mischief. 

5. Recreate classic Christmas film scenes

christmas photo card showing a funny family scenechristmas photo card showing a funny family scene

Yep, everyone loves a good Christmas film. Get the family to recreate one of the most famous scenes, and you’ve got yourself a family Christmas card that’ll go down an absolute storm. 

The possibilities are endless. You’ve got the aftershave moment in Home Alone, Buddy the Elf’s sugary breakfast, or even Bruce Willis climbing through the vents in Die Hard. All classic scenes, but loads better when they star your kids!

6. Use the kids’ adorable Christmas artwork

christmas photo card showing a kid's illustrationchristmas photo card showing a kid's illustration

This family Christmas card idea is easy peasy. Just dig out the paper and crayons, ask the kids to draw a Christmas photo, and then add their adorable little creation to your Christmas card (either with glue or by scanning it onto your computer). 

Even if their colouring doesn’t quite stay within the lines, the kids are sure to come up with something either insanely cute or unintentionally funny. The worse the drawings are, the funnier and more memorable your Christmas cards will be. 

7. Dress the pets up in ridiculously cute costumes

christmas photo card showing dogs in christmas costumeschristmas photo card showing dogs in christmas costumes

Cats in Santa hats. Rabbits in reindeer antlers. Dogs covered in Christmas lights. There’s no doubt about it, your pets could make the cutest and funniest Christmas cards on the whole planet. 

Whether you want to dress them up in festive costumes, put them in a gift box, pose alongside the kids, or steal some of the Christmas cookies, pets offer you all kinds of hilarious Christmas photo opportunities. 

You might just need a little patience getting them to pose properly… especially any cat owners reading this!