10 insanely easy photo display ideas to try at home

Yawn. Plain home decor soon gets pretty boring, so decorating with your favourite photos and memories is much more fun.

Although your phone’s probably jam-packed with great photos, coming up with creative photo display ideas isn’t always easy. You love scrolling through your camera roll, so now you just need to know how to arrange pictures on a wall, shelf, desk or anywhere else in your home.

Not to worry, we’ve put together 10 insanely easy photo display ideas for you to try, including everything from gallery wall ideas to personalising your comfy sofa. Let’s make your house a home!

1. Brighten walls with a canvas triptych

A canvas… what? Don’t panic, it’s much easier to make a triptych than it is to spell it! It essentially involves splitting a single photo into three separate canvas prints and then hanging them up close together (just like in the picture above).

If you’re struggling to split a photo into three canvases like this, then you can also make a fantastic triptych by using three separate photos that follow the same theme!


2. Stick happy moments all over the fridge

When you’re out of wall space, you’ll be looking for a new way to display photos. Well, covering the fridge in your favourite smiles is definitely a different way of doing things, and photo magnets are a super-fun way to show off the best photos on your phone!

That’s right, now you’ll be smiling every time you reach for a snack. Uh, even more than usual.


3. Clip retro prints to super-cute string lights

Ah yes, lighting up your prints will always be a classic photo wall display idea. Besides, cute little lights make everything better - including your photos!

It’s also super-easy to make your own. Simply turn your best snaps into retro-style photo prints, grab a set of string lights, and then clip your prints to it with clothes pegs, tape, pins or another fastener!

4. Turn empty wall space into a framed gallery wall

Ugh, there’s nothing worse than boring blank wall space. Whether it’s behind the sofa, on the staircase or in the kitchen, a large blank wall is just asking to be turned into your very own photo gallery wall.


5. Squeeze photo blocks into smaller spaces

No hanging. No framing. No fuss. The best thing about wooden photo blocks is that they’re completely free-standing, ready to display your photos on the desk, shelf, mantelpiece or just about anywhere else you have space.

Better yet, this means you can keep moving them around the house to make sure they always get noticed! Your best snaps deserve attention, after all.


6. Use binder clips to scatter your favourite prints

It’s so simple, and yet standing prints up with binder clips still makes a fantastic photo display. The best displays use photos that are all the same size, but then it’s just a simple case of attaching your binder clips and lining them up on the shelf. Easy peasy.

7. Turn your best Insta snaps into a wall collage

Yes, we know you love scrolling through Instagram all day, but your best Insta snaps will look so much better when they’re up on the wall.

The hardest part will be choosing your favourites, so turn them into adorable mini prints and make a wall collage with loads of different photos! Once they’ve been printed, simply stick your mini photo straight to the wall with poster tape.


8. Go vintage with a black-and-white photo ledge

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good old-fashioned black-and-white photo display. In fact, calling this an “old-fashioned” display couldn’t be more wrong, since this vintage style has actually become more popular in modern homes with subtler, more minimalistic decor.

Either way, there are tons of apps and filters out there that will turn your best snaps black and white, so get them printed, match them with black frames and line them up on a stylish photo ledge.


9. Turn photos into jaw-dropping aluminium prints

Nope, you’ve never printed memories quite like this before. Most photo displays include framed prints, glossy photos or canvases, but there are very few that display photos on sleek, shiny metal.

You could print 1 large aluminium panel, create a triptych, or make a stylish window-style display of your 4 favourite photos. Either way, printing photos on aluminium will always wow your visitors!


10. Make a cuddly display with squishy photo cushions

Everyone else has made photo displays on their walls and shelves, but there’s nothing stopping you from decorating your sofa instead. Add your favourite smiles to huggable photo cushions to make a photo display you can actually snuggle up with!

The best cushion displays include photos of pets or kids, so simply add their cute little faces and scatter them all over the sofa!