Passport Photo Requirements

In order for your passport photos to be accepted when you apply for a new passport or passport renewal, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Each individual passport photo must measure 4.5cm (45mm) high and 3.5cm (35mm) wide
  • Photos must focused, clear and to a high, professional standard
  • In full colour on a white or high coloured background (with no border)
  • Photos must not have tears or creases
  • Unless your passport photos needs to be countersigned, they must not be marked on either side
  • Photos must not have been manipulated or edited by computer software
  • Your passport photo must be a close up of your head and upper shoulders, not cut out of a larger photo
  • Your eyes must be open, visible and not have your hair obscuring them. Your photo must also not have ‘red eye’
  • There must be no other objects or people in your passport photos
  • Unless for religious/medical reasons your hair must not be covered
  • There must be no shadows behind you or on your face in the photos, however there should be a clear contrast to the background
  • Passport photo must show your face looking straight on
  • You must display a plain expression with your mouth closed
  • It is fine to wear glasses providing they are not sunglasses or tinted, however there must be no glare and your eyes are fully visible

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