5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Wood)

Celebrate half a decade of love and partnership with our exceptional range of personalised 5th wedding anniversary gifts. From heartfelt engraved photo gifts to carefully curated photo books, our selection captures the essence of your journey together. Choose these lasting tokens of affection to honour the unique bond you've cultivated over the past five years - gifts as enduring as your love.

Find the perfect personalised 5-year anniversary gift to mark this special milestone!

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Frequently asked questions about 5th wedding anniversary gifts

What is the traditional 5-year anniversary gift?

Congratulations on making it half a decade! This marriage milestone sees couples traditionally give each other a wooden gift, which represents the strength and durability of your bond, as well as the strong roots you’re putting down together. To honour this material, you could gift an engraved wooden box that could perhaps serve as a memory storage for all the wonderful moments you continue to share.

What is the modern 5-year anniversary gift?

If you prefer to take the more contemporary route, the modern gift material for a 5-year wedding anniversary is silverware. This practical gift symbolises the purity and strength of your relationship that has flourished over the past five years. It also pays homage to the simple moments in a couple’s relationship, such as preparing and sharing meals. A silver personalised photo frame - perhaps of your favourite wedding picture - will certainly bring a smile to their face.