10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Tin)

Whether it’s your own decade anniversary or a loved one’s, our personalised 10th anniversary gifts are perfect for commemorating this momentous occasion. These personalised 10th wedding anniversary gifts help any couple to celebrate all those amazing years of marriage. Break out a bottle of wine in a personalised wine box or set the mood with a 3D candle holder photo crystal. Nothing quite compares to a truly personalised 10th anniversary gift.

Get those happy tears flowing with a sentimental, thoughtful gift marking 10 years of companionship. Take a look at our personalised 10th anniversary gifts and create something special today!

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Frequently asked questions about 10th wedding anniversary gifts

What is the traditional 10-year anniversary gift?

The traditional material to give to your partner on your 10-year wedding anniversary is tin or aluminium, which symbolises the strength and resilience of your marriage. Strong yet pliable, tin and aluminium both represent the solidity and flexibility of a long-lasting relationship.

What is the modern 10-year anniversary gift?

If you’d prefer to take a different route in your gift giving, the modern material for a 10-year wedding anniversary is diamonds, with the rare gem reflecting the durability and beauty of your marriage.