Where to put wall art around the house

Wall art is something that everybody should have, it's perfect for bringing your home to life. The problem is, not everyone knows where to put it, so we thought some handy tips would be useful for adding colour to your walls helping you to choose where to put everything. May it be your favourite holiday photo, place or even colour, prints like this would look fabulous around your home.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen, the place where we spend a lot of time. Maybe to socialise, catch up on the day with friends and family, cook dinner, party and chat. The kitchen is used for a lot. So why not create a large framed print for your wall, adding an extra pop of colour to the room. A poster print with a frame is great for the kitchen as it is protected from all those cooking stains, spillages and damp from the cooker. Simply choose your image and what size you'd like and we will do the rest.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has been through a lot, all those hectic bath times with the kids, water and toys flying everywhere. The days you wash the dogs after a long walk, having them shake their muddy wet coat all over. The list goes on. An aluminium panel would be perfect for the bathroom, with it's waterproof finish it can be wiped clean and won't get damaged so would fit perfectly in this space. Images printed onto an aluminium panel are a great quality, showing your picture the best it can.

The Bedroom

Why not spruce up your bedroom by adding a beautiful high quality canvas, select a picture of your favourite day out, scene or memory. A great way of brighteing your walls, and adding a bit of fun to your room. Canvas' are great for displaying high quality images so go online today and create yours. They also make a great gift too for friends or family.

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