Training and Career Development

Here at Max Spielmann there is no need to worry about all the new skills you will be asked to learn. We ensure all our colleagues are provided with full training in all our skills and services. Most of the time training will take place in branch but we do some specialist courses in our local training centres.

We are proud of the way we train our colleagues and we know it works well. If you have difficulty reading and writing you will not be unfairly disadvantaged as most of our training manuals are picture based and our assessments are mostly practical.

We are always introducing new and exciting things so training is really an on-going process. Approximately it will take our colleagues 16 weeks to learn the basics but some people always pick things up quicker than others. We also have a dedicated training team and experienced colleagues in-branch who are always available to offer the support and guidance needed to help our colleagues to become fully skilled. 

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