Photo Booth and Instant Printing for Business and Retailers

Background to our Business
We are the UK's leading service retail provider with over £300m turnover across 2,000+ shops and 600+ vending units making us the UK's number 1 photo printing and gifting retailer.

Founded over 150 years ago we are a business that has evolved and grown. We believe in employing great people and looking after them and supporting them to offer great service to customers. We have a proven track record of investing in our business to continually grow and evolve.

Our vending division consists of standalone self-serve photo printing kiosks and state of the art photo booths. These can be situated together or separately. For more information, get in touch here and we'll be happy to discuss further.

Our Unique and Innovative 'Jura' Kiosks

✮ Completely self serve

✮ Suitable for all devices

✮ Easy to use. Simple and intuitive customer journey

✮ Payment at the kiosk by chip & pin, contactless,  ApplePay, GooglePay

✮ NO CABLES from iPhone

✮ FREEPHONE helpline

✮ >99% uptime

✮ Fast upload speed

✮ Remote monitoring

✮ Links to social media platforms

✮ Our team of engineers look after the kiosks and merchandising - replenish, maintain clean and repair

✮ Just needs power as we use out own 3G/4G connectivity

max spielmann photo printing kiosks

Our Market Leading Photo Booths

max spielmann photo booths
✮ 'Most easy to use customer journey'

✮ All our photo booths securely upload a digital image to storage and provide a unique code to the customer for use on the HMPO website in a digital application.

✮ Customers have the option to email their digital image for free

✮ Payment by cash, chip and pin, contactless, ApplePay, GooglePay, PCI compliant

✮ Language Selection (6 on offer including Welsh)

✮ ICAO Compliant pictures for passport, visa, driving licence, and general ID

✮ Wheelchair access

✮ Automatic adjustment - customer does not need to adjust seat or camera

✮ See before you print and try again (9 times, average attempts is 4)

✮ Audio guidance

✮ Remote dial-in to fix issues on the spot

✮ Just needs power as we use our own 3G/4G connectivity

✮ Potential for two sizes

The ID Market and Recent Developments

  • The ID world has changed significantly over the past two years
  • Take up of online applications more than doubled
  • ALL our booths are digitally capable
  • Customers can additionall choose to email themselves their photo for free from the booth

oix logo

Photo Booth - Turning the Market Around

  • A like for like swap with incumbent booths has stemmed the decline in sales and increased sales significantly
  • For those in over a year shows significant and proven year on year growth
  • Independent market research rates our Max ID Booths significantly better than competitors
  • Uptime is over 99%
  • Refunds < 0.2% of sales
  • Simple and easy installs by our engineers, fully trained in H&S
  • Detailed management information
           Contact us for further information.

wheelchair friendly photobooths

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