New Year's Resolutions


A New Year calls for fresh beginnings, now is time to start putting your new year’s resolutions into place! Maybe you want to start a new hobby, learn a new language, travel or get fit. Why not make a list of achievements and goals you aim to reach by next year and get started on them right away. Make yourself one of the 8% of people that actually stick to their resolutions! Read our blog post below to get some ideas on what you could aim to do this year.


Get Fit;

Maybe join a gym to kick-start your keep fit routine, start off steady and build it up over the year! Get a friend or family member to join with you and help your fitness journey. You could even start regular walks or jogs with the family or even on your own to have a bit of headspace and also get your steps in.

Become More Organised;

• Remember all of your important dates and special moments approaching this year and get yourself a calendar or even a diary. Why not personalise your own with Max Spielmann? You’ll never forget a date again and always be prepared when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and more.


Take A New Photo Every Day;

• Take a selfie a day and see how you change over the year, great to look back on how much you have grown up or even better to do for your children. You could even take a photo of something new that you see whilst you’re about and about during the day. Photograph special moments and milestones and flick back over them at the end of the year to reminisce on memories with friends and family. You could even use Max Spielmann to print out your fabulous photos and add them to a photo album to keep forever more.

Random Act Of Kindness;

 Make it your mission to do a random act of kindness at least once a week, may it be offering someone your seat on the bus, opening a door for somebody or giving away your parking ticket with time left on it. Help out the elderly in this cold weather by paying a visit to grandparents and neighbours to check they have all they need or even pop to the shops for them.

Be More Confident;

 Take time this year to start believing in yourself, set a challenge that you aim to have achieved by the end of the year. It might be to go somewhere on your own, join a group on your own or put yourself out of your comfort zone. Feel happy in the clothes you wear, go out and enjoy yourself doing things you love the most, try a new food or drink too!



Hopefully, this blog post has really helped you to think about your new year’s resolutions and come up with a few of your own! Make this your year, be happy and enjoy it!! Keep up to date with our blog more for helpful posts and also sign up to our newsletter for great offers and updates!

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