Max Spielmann Cute Kid Competition Is Back!

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We're pleased to announce, our Cute Kid competition is back!

Ensure you pop down to your closest Max Spielmann for your free
portrait shoot and 8x6 print as part of our Cute Kid competition.

Click here to visit our portraits page for more information on our wide range of photoshoots and portrait packages that we offer.

You could be in with the chance of winning: 1st place - £100 gift voucher, 2nd place - £50 gift voucher and 3rd place - £25 gift

All you need to do is:

- Visit your closest Max store, enjoy your free Portrait shoot and have your Cute Kids image entered.
- Share the link with all your family and friends and get them to vote on our website.
-Share to social media if you wish
- The image with the most votes wins! The competition starts on 2nd August 2021 and ends on 29th August 2021.
-Voting opens on 31st August 2021 and closes on 14th September 2021.
- Make sure the photo uploaded is an in-store portrait photo otherwise your image will not be accepted.
- Please only use one email address per child or your entry will not be counted. To enter multiple children into the competition, ask a partner, friend or family member if you can use their email address for the other kids. This will allow you to receive the confirmation email and voting link to your entries. If you are using Gmail, ask the store colleague to put a +1 after your email address for your second entry. This will act as a second email but all replies will be sent to your original Gmail account. If you have additional children to enter via Gmail add another numerical value after your email, e.g. +2. 
- Entries can only be submitted by a store colleague. Make sure when giving your details they are all correct otherwise we will not be able to contact you and it may affect your entry. 

Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your entries
For full terms and conditions and added information on how the competition works, please click here


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