Content Ambassador Guidelines

Want to be a content ambassador? Here’s everything you need to know about creating content we’ll love.

Whether you’re taking photos of a product or making a fun video in our shops, we want your unique creativity to shine through in all the content you create. So, instead of stifling your creative genius with a list of strict rules, we’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you create something amazing. 

General content guidelines

That’s right, these handy guidelines apply to all kinds of content you might be creating for us. 

Applying for content work

Sign up as a content ambassador and we’ll email you new content opportunities every month. Simply choose any you like the look of and email us back to register your interest. 

If you’re chosen for an assignment, we’ll then send you a detailed brief that explains what we’re looking for and what the deadlines are. 

Sending your content

Once you’ve completed your content assignment, please send it via WeTransfer to before the stated deadline, along with a suitable caption.

Keep it clean

This is probably very obvious, but we can’t accept any content that includes any bad language or offensive footage. 


Your content will be posted on our social channels, so we can only use original photography and video content you have made yourself. 

Video content guidelines - all the important stuff

Video Content

We’ll send out a detailed brief that explains what we’re looking for, so we ask that all videos match the brief as closely as possible. 

Video Angles

All videos should be shot in portrait view, as this makes them more suitable for use on our Instagram, TikTok and other social channels.

Video Quality

The quality of your video is incredibly important. All videos must be in focus and clearly show the subject. 

Video Camera

Shooting video on your smartphone is the perfect way to make the short, bite-sized videos we’re looking for. 

Video Length

A standard video clip should be between 15-40 seconds, but the content brief will outline specific requirements here. All videos should be short, snappy and to the point, and we kindly ask that you edit these videos yourself. 

Photography guidelines - take snaps we’ll love

Photo Content

We’ll send you a detailed photography brief that explains what we’re looking for. All photos will usually be either portrait or square, but specific requirements will be in the brief. 

Photo Camera Angles

There are no strict rules on camera angles or positioning for photography. We’re happy for you to get creative and show off our products in the best way possible!

Photo Quality

All photos must be crisp, sharp and in focus. The quality of your photography is obviously very important, so we can’t accept any blurry or obstructed images. 

Photography Camera

So long as the picture quality meets our standards, we’re happy for you to use either your smartphone or a digital camera - whatever works best for you!

Social media takeover - everything you need to know

Takeover Time

You can take over our social media channels for a day, 3 days or a full working week (Monday to Friday). This involves you making a series of videos, which we can then post daily throughout your takeover. 

Takeover Content

You’ll be coming up with creative ways to show off a range of different services during your takeover. You’ll receive a brief that outlines what we need, but videos will likely involve a mix of products and in-store services.